Peter Lynn HOLDFAST Sea Anchor Venture

I have been talking with Peter Lynn about his new venture: HoldFast. As per usual Peter Lynn is ahead of the curve. This technology has huge implications for offshore wind, especially mobile AWES. How do you see current and specific AWES benefiting from this technology?

They have MacLeod ancestry

Y’all related? Can I get a family discount?

I hate to have to say it, but this looks like typical “vaporware” to me.
They aren’t showing any photos, just symbolic diagrams.
Looks like what may be not much more than wishful thinking, or idle brainstorming.

You may be right unfortunately. I don’t see any insurmountable problems however, but then again, people didn’t realize automatic roosting/landing/storage systems would be so difficult for AWES.

At least here the potential market is much wider than just AWES. This to me justifies a bit of extra risk in terms of investment.

I am curious what a prototype would cost in materials

Peter Lynn Jr? Or Sr?

Peter Lynn Jr, I believe he was also involved in Makani