Project TETA - Test and Evaluation of tethered airfoils

Interesting project. Long ago I dreamed about building a similar test setup with a rotating boom.

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This is a useful project for AWE developpers if flexible kites are implemented.

Bravo to Duotone for creating a quantitative power-kite test-bed to enhance its qualitative kite-pro testing. This is not the first such dedicated test-bed; KiteShip had its own tow vehicle and instrumentation for OL testing, in the US Mojave Desert around 2004-5, and there have been a few vehicles since in AWE R&D.

Ironically, elite academic AWE R&D has been the slow lane for comparative field testing of this kind. Its clear that the power-kite is evolving faster and better outside of academia than any competing kite concept can hope to evolve inside of an “Ivory Tower”. Thanks to Roland for specifically citing sports power-kite research as AWE-relevant, better late than never.