Record breaking AWES & flights

So firstly,
Well done to the flock of Bar-tailed Godwits who just recorded 12200km in 11 days from Alaska to NZ.
Outstanding in their field (Because they’re waders :wink: )

How does AWES performance compare?
The metrics by which we judge AWES performance are sparse.
We had the 100min x 100 foot AGL x 100 Watts challenge in around 2015.
Only 3 architectures have passed that (Yo-yo, Drag mode & Daisy)

Is that it though? Well certainly not.
The number of parameters involved in developing an AWES is huge.
We can juggle those to see how comparatively progressive an AWES method is proving to be

Wings flown / personnel employed
Least drag / wing area
average bridle length
controller power level needs

We could go on all day laying out these relative metrics
Where are they?

We now have
the Makani archives,
records from kitepower Yo-yo trials from TU-Delft,
& W&I performance (sketchy as that data is)
There is more academic and company AWES performance too.

It was mentioned at the IEA TEM102 that the metrics by which AWES are measured should be more qualitative.

Should we start a forum thread category for comparative metrics?
You wouldn’t buy a car without knowing how it compares to other cars.
Each AWES can have it’s niche.
We’ve certainly all made claims before…
Personally I believe we should compare honestly before an unscrupulous marketeer has the chance to give AWES a bad rep