Review: Weifang Kaixuan Lifter/Pilot 10.0 sqm

Just some quick feedback on this kite. We flew this in winds ranging from 7-12 m/s. The kite would pull around peak 150 kg avg 50 kg at these winds.

The kite flies well and seems well built. The bridle does not have a lot of lines and thus is not very prone to tangles.

It came with a stubby «tail» maybe 2.5 m wide and 1 m long.

The kite in flight flies well but also exhibits some less desirable behavior. The inflated ribs do sometimes collapse and may be slow to refill if the flight is to jerky. The kite flies ok even with collapsed ribs though.

At the top end of the wind we flew in, the kite would fly to either side and needed active line control to stay at zenith. So as is, I would not recommend this kite for >9 m/s. I hope though that adding a tail will make it fly better in higher winds. Maybe I will report back when/if I get there.

The kite is reasonably priced and I think Weifang Kaixuan provide good service. I was able to specify which colors to use which was a nice touch. I would recommend the kite for general use. 6/10 points.

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We also bought some 4m2 from kaixuan for kiwee one. 120 units actually. My feedback is similar to the one from tallak, the price is good but clearly, those kite are less stable than a peter Lynn, they are also less resistant. We ended up selling those kite at the moment, not because of stability but because kiwee need a 8m2 pilot to work well. So If anybody want to give it a try at a reasonable price, just let me know

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I’d like to scale up the AWES seen in the following video using this kite and a 400 watt wind turbine. Estimated total weight including conductive tether, wind turbine and tail is 20 lb. Airborne Wind Turbine testing Charger Wind Turbine Generator with Fin - YouTube

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Did you look at ‘bladegen’? I found it hard to find smaller turbine blades. If you are using propellers now, using this would give you a boost in performance. Or - where did you find turbine blades in this size range?


We already produce high-quality filament reinforced polyamide blades here Wind Turbine Blade Replacement - YouTube

They are available on Amazon here: Wind Turbine Blades:

Thanks for the Open SCAD tip!

Isnt the curvature of the airfoil upside down, like for a propeller?

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I tested GF 9x4, 9x5, 10x5 and other propellers on small generators as motors, and a multi-meter, with a car at about 15-20 m/s speed, obtaining a very good efficiency, above all with GF 9x4 propeller on Mabuchi RS 380 generator (60-70% Betz limit), although it is not their initial using.

Larger propellers are available on

I did not test them.

@PierreB @dantmaui I started a new thread to discuss turbine blades Blades for a wind turbine vs for a propeller

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Yes, but the propeller has such a thin profile it still has incredible performance.
If it performed any better, we’d have more generator burnout issues.