Rüdiger Gröning's rotor kite towards some AWES?


These links allow to understand better how these rotating kites work. The counter-rotating rotors (video 1) or flat rotors in opposite directions (video 2) or a single rotor (video 3) are settled in a light frame with a suitable bridle.

As a start the twin kites (video 2) could maybe replace lifter kites and be the top rotors of two connected Daisy stacked rotors as a beginning towards a network.

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SkyWindPower PJ Shepard

Its a beautiful design.

I would not rate it highly for a lifter though due to the complexity of the design. The only grace I can think of right now is that it might be able to depower itself in high winds, though I am not sure if it is better at this compared to a regular inflated foil/single skin design.

I would love to hear why you think this design is an interesting approach for AWE, @PierreB

If the rotors are rigid, a higher lifetime could be expected. Besides it perhaps each rotor could direct a column of SuperTurbine ™ or Daisy stacked rotors, the frame being also a separator for said columns. And perhaps the frame could be light enough. Certainly some problems can occur due to the rigidity of the frame and the interference with the rotors below. So these rotors can be seen as an inspiration source rather a possible AWE solution.

Yes, but as you know, all roads lead to…

:last_quarter_moon_with_face:SuperTurbine :first_quarter_moon_with_face: :satellite:

Tho Rotor Kite is a poor candidate for AWE. Because of cosine cubed losses there is a large penalty in power production and lift. This condition worsens as the tether angle increases. I feel that it is much better to separate the two functions and use a lifter kite for lift and a horizontal rotor for energy generation.

That applies to any system without a lifter kite so that’s not a very good reason to specifically call this one out. You could also just add a lifter kite here if that is a concern.

I like the background sounds. And I can’t really determine it from the videos but the line angle looks impressive.

It’s a step up from those rotating bol kites that need a lifter kite to stay airborne.