RWE and Kitepower launch new test site for Airborne Wind in Ireland

Oh Boy, here we go again. How many times have we read this same story over the last 15 years?
All the same exact talking points. Somehow this article led to:
Dutch start-up Kitepower partners with Ecospeed to measure its carbon footprint - IO (
where the first passage states:
“A Falcon kite generates about 450 MWh of energy per year. This is enough to power about 100 households continuously.”
So we’re treated to a pretense that this system of the future has apparently been running for a year, and of course we have the obligatory and now-repetitive claim of “powering a hundred homes”.
This entire press-release could be a verbatim copy of any AWE press-release from 10 years ago, with only a few details changed. Oh well, I guess by this point, we’re used to it, right? :slight_smile:

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Het baanbrekende werk van het team van Ampyx Power met RWE en Mayo County Council werpt zijn vruchten af, met deze onovertroffen test site in Ierland, speciaal ontworpen voor airborne wind energy. Trots!

En wat mooi om nu deze eerste vluchten van Kitepower daar te zien. Binnen dagen na aankomst energie aan het opwekken - een unieke prestatie!


The pioneering work of the Ampyx Power team with RWE and Mayo County Council is paying off, with this unrivaled test site in Ireland, specifically designed for airborne wind energy. Pride!

And how nice to see these first flights of Kitepower there. Generating energy within days of arrival - a unique achievement!

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