Santos' comments about moderation

As corporatist-ware, Google’s Chrome browser is naturally more trusting and compatible with Discourse than open-source Mozilla Firefox is supported to be. All these are coded just a few miles apart, with Makani HQ between them. Mozilla is right there in the shadow of Google, fighting the good fight. I use Bing some, for comparison. Its better for AWE searches than Chrome, with less noise from cooked Makani results. Those who use Chrome are forgiven for imagining Makani is succeeding. On other browsers, Joe Faust, kPower, and Open-AWE often outrank Makani.

Of course poor Doug is going to suffer from a DNS issue that Makani players can laugh over. Discourse is a cultural issue, and the DNS problem just happened to line up against Firefox. Its ironic.

The main flaw in Discourse is hidden activity, with too much admin power, and a lack of democratic tools. One can say the same about Google’s relations with AWEurope.

You’re rambling and going off-topic.
This is in no way related to Makani and not a Discourse issue either.

The category is Forum Feedback. It is ironic Firefox choked but not Chrome, even by chance.

Opinions of Google’s role in AWE are important. Moderation seems to think my posting is worse than anything Google has done, including cooking AWE search and criminal convictions in EU. I think Google should have invested its 300m in 300 universities. DNS concern in AWE is “rambling” compared to that.

Doug himself is far more often “rambling and going off-topic” without Admin attention. I am still upset about wrongly moved or hidden technical content on this forum, and it shows.

“All about Knots” was a real AWES technical issue, bungled by undue censorship. “Cosine Functions” was serious engineering science, also bungled. These gaps remain.

DNS error is not as pertinent, but closer to “rambling” “off-topic”, in the core AWE context.

Your posting in the topic violated one of the rules in

This was explained to you here: Questions and complaints about moderation. like many moderation decisions are.

Also the comments from everyone about the claim were off-topic. There’s a rule about that as well. I would have moved that off-topic discussion on the basis of that alone.

I also don’t know if it’s worth noting, but most or all posts of yours that were deleted in the mentioned topics, you deleted yourself. Maybe you should be criticizing yourself for “undue censorship” as well.

By participating in the discussions here you agree to be bound by the rules of this forum.

As one who suffered from 12 years of Joe’s censorship whenever I tried to counter your daily doses of disinformation, I find it fitting that you are now finally experiencing what it is like to be the target of censorship, rather than the beneficiary of censorship. It’s like when the old forum died, you were sent to an appropriate version of hell. What I kept thinking, almost every day for those 12 years, besides you two combined knew nothing about wind energy, was a wish that you two could ever be in a position to experience what it felt like to have your posts that you put a lot of your heart, soul, spirit, being, time, energy, knowledge and effort into, deleted by someone who simply did not want to hear what you said, while pretending to be running an open forum. Well at least I finally got half of my wish - Joe doesn’t really post much but Dave, welcome to the “you are now tied up and gagged” club - it couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.
I’ve come to believe that the urge to “moderate” (censor) supposedly-open conversations reflects a “personality type”. There is a basic human urge to “make a difference”, to “be heard”, to express one’s opinions. In the case of technical discussions, some people really don’t have much to say, but if they can place themselves in the position of “monitor” they can “be heard” comparatively at least, by silencing others. While I find the censorship here petty and annoying, I think it was worse under Joe. You wouldn’t know, since you were protected rather than victimized by it in the old forum. Very sad in both cases, but glad to see you finally experiencing the other end of it. Evidence that a just God does exist? Maybe overstating the case, but you get the idea. My opinion.

Doug has never once presented a censored text from the Old Forum. We help him find any post in the archives that he can provide key-words for. His persistent troubles searching the Old Forum are not the fault of anyone of us.

This the Forum where censorship has taken root. I have been copying wrongly censored texts to the Moderators. They do not dispute the censorship, but applaud it.