Seismic shift in quality of AWES market analysis SPAM

Something looked odd in my mailbox yesterday
An obviously spam AWES marketing email came in under the wrong term
Maybe this is the start of a whole new level of quality reporting
Maybe the robot reporters are coming at last and making a better job of market data.
Here’s the new data point
According to

Windswept-and-Interesting Exists.
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Roddy. I’ve noticed lately, that a lot of stock analysis and technology analysis reports are, in my opinion, generated by software (some would call it “robots”). I read reports on companies’ stocks (usually not related to AWE) that seem to sprinkle random information with “analysis”-sounding language with a conversational lilt, where just the other day it hit me that I might be reading the work of a robot. Like Dr. Peter Harrop’s reports, but even more clueless. Seems like a lot of the time, the “analysis” is a lot of what is traditionally called “technical analysis”, in other words, describing chart patterns, buying and selling numbers, etc… What is NOT included is any actual technical understanding or commentary on the actual technology. That would be too much to expect from a machine.

The miracle of AI (artificial “intelligence”) The future of helplessness against “authority”: AI. Personally. I’m thinking of starting a company to develop AS (artificial stupidity), because nobody else seems to be working on it. In reality, I think what passes for AI, is really AS in many if not most cases. How about “artificial idiocy”? Usually you would be hard-pressed to find a human so stupid as what we are routinely expected to put up with. Ever tried to call your phone company, a utility, or any large company, as a customer lately?
“We’re presently receiving an unusually large call volume.” (yeah you always say that) or how about: “In a few words, describe the reason for your call” followed by “I… didn’t get that.”… and you just want to throw the phone against the wall “GET ME A FREAKIN’ PERSON ON THIS GODDAMN PHONE!” You scream. Well, get used to it, I think it will only get worse as we move forward. BTW, Congratulations on your “coverage”. :slight_smile: