Sensor and broadcast circuit with power sourcing from vibration

Been looking into methods for broadcasting kite turbine rotor data
And of course there’s weight & longevity implications in batteries I’d rather avoid
Don’t want a drag based onboard turbine nor counter rotary drogue (although maybe)
anyway there’s probably enough energy from the movement itself because the power needs of a sensing and broadcast circuit are tiny…
(Note not looking for enough power for blade/wing actuator circuits)

Found these gizmos
Depending where it is on a rotor … The power sourcing part may not be able to handle some of the g forces and I might have to artificially induce vibration with a ribbon reed or something…
any thoughts?

Seems like a little energy for a lot of acceleration and high frequency.

If the unit is looping, it needs to rotate to maintain a constant yaw (or similar scheme).

It seems small turbine is a good option or solar panels if your power requirement is small.

There is massive amounts og energy at the kite/blade, and it comes in form of high airspeeds. So that should be a hint where to focus your search for power :slight_smile:

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You could use this to make a turbine blade: New propeller design CAD library

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