Skysails Power System installed

I’m sure that really breaks Skysail’s heart to hear that

Hi Tallak: Well, given the paucity of information, we’re left to guess what the real situation is. The idea that they;re going to supply a crew to operate any given system seems farfetched as a business model. I thought the whole idea was “fully autonomous”.
I’m thinking if their “pivot” from pulling ships, to generating AWE, doesn’t work out, maybe they’ll pivot again to providing WIFI, like Altaeros says they are doing, although I see no evidence Altaeros is actually doing that either… :slight_smile:

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I expect you are pretty spot on in your guesswork. My point being that Skysails will be ready when they are ready or maybe run out of cash one day. If they are not living up to our expectations of progress, that is probably not a big deal for them

SkySails, as the current leader in AWE, is on the right track.