Skysails Power System installed


Congratulations to SkySails on this key milestone, for ship-kite technology onshore, and best wishes for success.

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A major milestone for AWE community


A great first for AWES for power generation. Congratulations for this achievement.


More information on:

  • SkySails Power will be shipping first unit this week
  • Creating new jobs at sites in northern Germany

Hamburg, Germany, 25th of February, 2021

The Hamburg-based company SkySails Power GmbH is ready to deliver the first PN-14 airborne wind energy systems. The first unit of this pre-series will be shipped to Asia from the port of Hamburg this week. Further units for projects in Germany and on the island of Mauritius are on track for the first half of 2021.

The final assembly of the airborne wind energy systems takes place in Seevetal, Lower Saxony. The ground stations, weighing in at roughly 20 tons, are manufactured in a 900-square-meter production hangar along with the power generation unit and the kite’s launch and landing mast. It has already become apparent that the production facility’s current capacity will have to be significantly expanded in the coming years. SkySails Power GmbH currently employs around 90 people at locations in the Hamburg metropolitan area, Schleswig-Holstein and Lower Saxony. “We will be creating numerous additional jobs in northern Germany in the coming years. Here at the Seevetal site, the focus will be on employing skilled workers in electrics and mechanics”, says SkySails CEO Stephan Wrage.