SkySails proposes Philippines Installation

Thanks to DaveS of Jalbert Aerology Laboratory.

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Great information John @AweEnthusiast.

From the article:

The kite system can last up to 20 to 25 years, with the kite needing to be changed every half a year, and the tether once a year, Leibenguth said.

This is a suitable information to evaluate LCOE of SkySails’ AWES.


In addition to launch and landing operations, the doubling of the lines provides additional safety in the event of a line break.

These technological achievements are further proof of SkySails’ leadership in the implementation of AWES.

It is therefore natural that SkySails starts to implement AWES at utility-scale.


I am sure that the nose line is much weaker than the main tether which transmits all of the power.

Yes, but the nose line may be sufficient to hold the then de-powered kite when the main tether is broken.