Midway between a boat, a plane and a Formula 1 car, the design studio has developed a special ‘super-ventilated’ foil that positions the sailing boat at the surface of the water to guarantee its stability at high speed. In doing so, this technology avoids the phenomenon of cavitation, where water vaporised due to an excessive decrease in pressure affects performance.

The team has also filed a patent for a power management system, which transmits all the power from the kite to the boat’s foil while maintaining stability at high speed. It is a design that is sure to go down in history.

From this, relaunch the search for new AWE designs?

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Always been a good proposition to tow a turbine through the water and charge a storage /battery to take back to the start

Remind me a little of the blackbird spy plane use by the US military. I’m not sure how well a turbine would handle tacking manoeuvres? must be worth a go an the small scale? Seam like a very sleek design. Question I would have is how much energy would be lost due to drag and fluidic resistance? Could that be an improvement on current awes design?

Yes it looks like an SR-71 Blackbird all right.
The flange edges deflecting splashes instead of radar.
Looks pretty cool.
I’d be happy to watch from a safe vantage point.
Then again:
More great “news of future” another “accomplishment ahead of the fact” for AWE…
Suddenly we’re back to “Hey you could tow a boat using a kite and extract power from a propeller in the water!”
Oh yeah, we forgot!
Only thing is, extracting power from a propeller would tend to limit the speed, so a different design might be in order. I guess a major factor is water resistance already limits speed quite a bit. Not sure how much more extra power is available to extract, but some would be available.