Still not replaced by an AI yet

Thought it was a good idea to find out if we have been made redundant and outperformed by AI yet.

We’re still OK for now
But cool images

Midjourney primpt
a moodboard focused on kite Airborne Wind Energy design development --v 5 -

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[Aprils fool…] Well. This week i asked ChatGPT to write me a code to cap the tether tension at 7500 N during production. I also fed it with some of our flight data. The new ChatGPT v4 does calculations also now. So the code it produced was looking a bit weird, but also weirdly close to something that could work. So we decided to enable that controller for a few seconds. And what do you know; the tether tension was not capped exactly, but it was indeed working better than my own «naive» implementation. And it only took like 5 minutes to get there. So big success I guess. I have been fighting this because I felt AI couldn’t write proper sensible code. But after this I am maybe thinking sometime soon, «if you cant beat them, join them». I plan to present this at the next AWEC. Really stoked today [Aprils fool…]


Later, maybe it kills us all…

Write to us like John Milton in heroic verse about the virtues of airborne wind energy.

Hail, noble seeker of knowledge, pray lend thine ear To hear a tale of wondrous invention here Of Wind and Air, those elements so fair, And how they may be harnessed with utmost care.

Behold, Airborne Wind Energy, a mighty force, That shall sustain us in our earthly course. With kites and turbines soaring high in the sky, We shall reap the winds and nevermore rely

On coal and oil, those fuels of yesteryear, Whose fumes and smoke did foul the atmosphere. Instead, we look to Air, that gentle breeze, And harness it with grace and with great ease.

Oh, what a sight to see those kites aloft, Dancing and soaring, never once aught. The winds doth blow and fill their sails so high, And down below, we smile and heave a sigh.

For this is progress, this is innovation, A means to power our world, without hesitation. And in the wake of such noble endeavor, We shall leave a cleaner, brighter world forever.

So let us raise our voice in joy and praise, To Airborne Wind Energy, this wondrous phase. May it flourish and grow, and spread its wings, And bring forth a world of new beginnings.


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Not replaced by an “artificial” idiot yet?
AI = artificial idiocy.
“oh, you want to speak with a representative, right?”
“you can tell me, in plain English, what your issue is, so I can get you to the best technician to address your issue”
“Er, uh, I… didn’t get that…”
After you throw the phone at the wall, you can thank “AI” for wasting your time.

Oh, yeah, and don’t forget, it’s so mart, it’s gonna invent a reliable, economical AWE system.
Cuz the people who were gonna, haven’t
So AWE needs someone smarter.
AWE needs a box that someone thinks is “smart”
But all it would do is surf the web and tell you Altaeros powered 50 homes in Alaska, Makani powered hundreds of homes in Hawaii, Skysails is powering 50 homes in Mauritius - same shite, different day.

Nope, luckily for us, humans are so much smarter than machines, now, as machine-dependent for thinking, we can’t even design a new airliner, cuz all the people used to actually using their brains (and sliderules) are now retired or dead!
If it’s not an app on an artificially-“smart” phone, nobody knows what to do with themselves!

AI is gonna COMPLETELY CHANGE THE WORLD in 5 seconds!!!
And so is 3D printing… ,
And don’t forget Bitcoin!
Oh, and of course there; that world-changing AWE…

The rampant rumor that AI is even new, had the entire stock market overvalued, with just about every company announcing some new AI thrust - even restaurant chains!
Meanwhile there is one chip company actually profiting from AI - Invidia - NVDA
Even their stock is going down now, and may be a good short.
But “All the experts agreed” the stock market was going to keep heading upward!
And they had All that artificial intelligence - the best in the world - to help them!!!
And now they’re losing billions! Powered by AI! Artificial Stupidity! Get some now, before it’s all gone!