Tech-Deep-Dive: Fast and Accurate 3D Aerodynamics Computation developed by Kitekraft

3D accurate aerodynamics computation of an entire aircraft, with rotors operated in wind turbine or propeller mode, at any angle of attack and angle of sideslip solved in sub-millisecond execution time – want to know how this is even possible? What capabilities does this open up for fast software-driven development and verification of airborne wind energy in particular, and for other technologies like eVTOL, air taxis, drones, and more? Would you be interested to use this aerodynamics model/software for yourself? Check out our latest blog post: Tech-Deep-Dive: How Kitekraft Solves Aerodynamics | by Florian Bauer | Kitekraft | Nov, 2021 | Medium


Very impressive work, and glad to see you are sharing

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