Terminology - forces

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Wanted to make it its own thread.

aka Lift, relative downwards loaded

aka Drag, relative backwards loaded

The relative sizes of the vectors are probably way off, but the directions should be right.
Are they?

Movement direction should probably be callled forward/propulsive force.
Lift and drag are orthagonal.
Yoyo: tether pull and propulsive force are at a dull angle.
Flygen: tether pull is orthagonal to propulsive force and tether2.

[Edit: This isn’t really about the methodology of math or physics. Maybe the categories need to be changed]

There are good explanations of the forces in the Lloyd paper and the original AWES book.

I made an attempt presenting a representation of yo-yo forces before trying to join an online TU Delft AWES course…

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Parasitic drag is a complex subject, so no surprise we have our own special drag forces in AWES engineering; for examples, common tether-drag and the “cycle-drag” of the yo-yo return cycle.