Testing lifter kites

In order to design a system which is supported by a lifter kite, we must select a lifter kite which has adequate tether tension to support the system under various wind conditions. We also have to know the kiteline angle that produces this tension. I have found little data on kiteline tensions of various types of kite and the data that I have does not include information on the kiteline angle. Most of the data comes from kite aerial photography ( KAP), where relatively small kites are used and the kiteline angle is not specified.
I originally thought that this data could be obtained by flying a kite off the back of a moving vehicle, but I’ve since thought of an easier way to obtain this data. If we set up a continuous loop in a large warehouse and run the loop at various speeds attaching the kite to the cable in the loop, we would be able to obtain the data without worrying about ambient winds outside. If the kite is elevated to the approximate kiteline angle at the start of the test then it will achieve stable operation in a relatively short distance. In addition to measuring the tether force at various line speeds (wind velocities), we should measure the tether force at various kiteline angles by varying the angle of attack. This can be achieved by incrementally adjusting the bridling lengths. From the data we collect I am sure we can come up with an empirical formula which will predict the kiteline tension as a function of wind velocity, kite area and kiteline angle.

I think a rotating boom is probably easier. But this is a serious undertaking. Probably weeks of work. So the question is is it worth it and could goog enough results be obtained easier?

Maybe this setup could make more sense to someone designing kites?

Also the assumption of zero wind will not strictly hold once the machine starts doing its thing

The answer is yes there is a way?

Should give you a datum to work from?

As some cargo drops a heavy payload? Should give you an idea what your working with? NATO is about as credible source as your going to find?