The AWES awards

This year hosted by…
With the award for best demo going to …
The award for most spectacular crash footage…
Most power by a student team…
Breakthrough tech demo…
Social conscience award
Scientific endeavour award
Inspiration award

I feel AWES misses on having a yearly presentation by an industry association

What categories would you like to see included?

Is this forum or another set of judges up to it?
Can I please have the looks best in a survival suit award?

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Power to weight award
And most flexible system award
Fastest control algorithm award
Best interoperability award

Rod is correct about the AWES Awards gap that exists.

Wayne German originated AWE Awards at HAWPcon09, known as “Germy Awards”. Wayne even handcrafted trophies from wooden boomerangs. AWEIA, our original Industry Association, was the umbrella for these AWE awards, and other industry norms.

AWES awards and related initiatives sadly lapsed as AWEC took over conferences, then morphed into AWEurope. Many of AWEIA’s worthy foundational efforts must eventually be restored, as the AWE Industry again finds harmonious ways forward.

@someAWE_cb haven’t you awarded prizes once upon a time?

Yes! The world famous 100 100 100 challenge. Make 100W for 100 min at 100ft and win a GoPro!

I might put up some new challenges this summer. Too busy right now building a system that can master my own challenge :slight_smile:



If I get around to rebuilding we could have AWES awards here.
Would also want to invite prestigious judges from outside of the forum.
But! Likelyhood of me actually getting around to that is less than half.


Given the rate of change maye every second year would be enough? :slight_smile:

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There is huge backlog of AWE R&D accomplishment that has not been well recognized. Many unsung individuals have made key contributions deserving of industry honor. Awards should cover everything from academic merit to developer accomplishments, large and small.

Just as Germy Awards originated at our first major AWE conference, annual conferences remain the logical venue and timing for industry recognition. Unfortunately, for years now, conference planning is held very closely by a handful of insiders whose ventures are not doing so well, so there is little will for them to recognize the more successful players as such.

I nominate KiteWinder and SkySails, as a small and large player who have excelled, and Billy and Cory Roeseler as the inventors of Kite Surfing, and Dan Tracy is also very deserving, but easy to overlook. Loyd is still with us, and deserves our praise. I omit those players who have already won Germies.