The existing backdrop for offshore wind: 1000-ton nacelles

This article explains the challenges of installing the next generation of offshore turbines with nacelle weights of 1000 tons. (This is where we come in - airborne wind systems that support themselves in the air instead):


The weight of nacelles for next-generation turbines is one of the biggest issues facing installation contractors. A March 2020 recent report from the National Renewable Energy Lab in the US, University of Maine and Technical University of Denmark characterised a 15-MW offshore wind turbine with a fixed-bottom monopile support structure that had a rotor diameter of 240 m, hub height of 150 m and a nacelle mass of around 1,000 tonnes. That kind of weight requires a vessel and crane capable of lifting significantly more than that. Lifting height and outreach are also key.

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Then, how to make a 1000 ton nacelle airborne 24/7.

Or drastically reduce that weight…

…by using AWES as soon as a good enough method is developed, working whatever the scale, from small to giant.