The spinning janny

Quite an amazing toy this.
It’s a spinning tube kite which seems capable of maintaining lift with fixed bridling as it spins…

And it stays airborne wow

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More background here

Another video

Rotation seems to mostly be from the trailing edge.

I’d guess the overall shape is what gives most of the lift. There does also seem to be some creasing induced on the lower leading edge which may increase pressure?

Very cool


Interesting concept. Would it be possible to find an equivalent for a classic rotor (tilted rotary kite in Daisy style) with a cyclically variable bridle, ensuring a constant angle of attack during rotation, and dispensing with a kite lifter?


Classic wind sock approach. I like it! Look like it could be made into a self oscillating nozzle much like the dyson hovers have. I’ve no doubt the design could be tweaked. Basking & whale sharks come to mind.
Got a design I was thinking of which could be adapted here

Another freeflying design. With a magnetic stator. Drawing on a few idea I’d encounters. From jet engine. Scramjet and ram jets. even dyson fans. Just depends how big you want it? It can be both solid and flexible. Skin on frame. More jest to a tethered blimp. Just as a wind sock the a magnetofluid generator at its mouth and along its length at regular interval. Beam me up socky! If draw a certain way it look like angels. How bout that for divine inspiration?

I had a great big wind sock…They don’t fly like this.

@Freeflying you have introduced far too many new variables and unrelated concepts into the idea to be practicable. Keep it simple and on topic to keep it real please.

@PierreB Amazing how simple Rudas Ga`bor made the Polythene bag version, & with a square inlet too. I had made a mistake in the initial post … The bridling does not adjust … It just goes to the central x in the inlet. Not sure if deformations in the leading edge occurs in this version.
Google Photos
This is very different to a Daisy style rotor

A swivel or 2 and a vane tab on the line help to reduce line twist.


Altaeros. Didn’t work out. Abandoned. MIT. Go figure.

Perfect for an airborne cement mixer! Looks like something Santos would get all excited about.

Constantly. Total aware Covid scuttled that one. Oh a virus’s? Company must fold now! Mentioned in engineer with Rosie. It as bad as someone Vikings I know. Once there a drop of rain. It doesn’t need helium. Especially considering the design is as old as kites themselves. The original dragon kite where based on a similar principles. Big opening long tale. I don’t think hse would be too proud of a airborne cement mixer. Might find a use on skyscrapers. but even then it’s questionable. Maybe be able to power a stationary cement mix. But that a whole other kettle of fish? You also advertising potentials. Nothing beats a big old sign that everyone can see for miles. Might as well say Santa please stop here… it all depends how you manage air flow and if it got internal supports. how the rotor is managed?1428 How To Make A Magnetic Low Friction Bearing - YouTube. If the skin is TENG. Much like 1496 - The TENG Wind Generator - YouTube. Considering most sock designs are self inflating. you can induce more convection by having a hot and cold side. Nickel tungsten wires sown in on the skin. Should help achieve that combined with High pressure side and low pressure ect. ect. I had considered using ions to achieve this. Though I have no idea of the power drain. I suspect it going to be alot. Much like 30w light bulb. Or an induction cooker. Get it right? it should be self sustaining. I’m aware, hence needs a few tweaks. So throwing it out to the big brains boffins. seeing how it goes. Might be overcomplicating it. But was going for induction compression power and exhaust.

It’s a spinning Circoflex kite. It barely spins and it barely lifts.

Circoflex has offset bridling to induce pitch and much shorter aspect ratio

Yeah like Santos, you don’t know a joke when you see it.
Think “Lead Balloon”.
Meanwhile, I’ve been wondering about the name “spinning Janny” from the beginning. Are you sure they don’t mean “spinning Jenny”? Because that is a real thing - well-known and a historical inventive breakthrough. “Janny” Seems like maybe just one more spelling error? As part of a general disregard for correct spelling? Google “spinning janny”, and all returns will have the correct spelling of the famous invention. What is a janny anyway?

Oh sorry was my sarcasm too dark? Considering the most simple cement mixer is a sheet of tarps. Bob Ross would be calling us happy little accidents.
I had wonder about the spin Jenny reference. It’s not the first product to have a play on words. :joy: thought a kite powered cement mixer would be a interesting addition to any construction site. This the joys of communication means. it can go this way, then that way and over the hills it goes. My best guess it is a play on words. Like some engineers humor I once knew. Lame jokes sounded a plenty. Humour very dark.