This Futuristic New Superyacht Is Powered by a Giant Kite That Sails 600 Feet...

The prospective Naval Architects are Dykstra, Netherlands, with SkySails, Hamburg, AWES. The kite boat would be built in Istanbul, and could be produced in series, if it catches on.

The kite-yacht luxury market may trickle-down to work-boat economics, as development costs are absorbed. Let’s hope.

Meanwhile, its a DIY early opportunity. Many an underpriced unwanted motor-yacht is fairly well suited for a SkySails, KiteShip, or equivalent AWES, and electric (harbor-speed) motor/regen conversion.

This source mentions a “German businessman” client. Possible new AWE R&D player?

ICE stands for “Internal Combustion Engine”, right? And that’s what makes it “green”, the CO2 that feeds the plants of our blue planet, right? :wink:
Looks pretty cool. The article says:
" Propelling the awesome ICE Kite, a blend of electric/diesel energy reserves resources in collaboration with a low resistance hull. An added sustainable approach adds a 1,700 square foot kite for a yacht with a beautifully GREEN design. Take a look at the ICE Kite Superyacht in the gallery, and visit Red Yacht Design for more features on this boat."
Personally, as good for plants as diesel exhaust is, I get sick from just the smell of diesel or jet fuel. Oh well, I’m not a plant.

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