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Federal Register :: Airborne Wind Energy Systems (AWES) Policy Statement

Policy Statement mainly based on FAR Part 77-

eCFR :: 14 CFR Part 77 – Safe, Efficient Use, and Preservation of the Navigable Airspace (FAR Part 77)

Here is a link to a new EU document regarding AWES safety by venture players- Safe Operation and Airspace Integration of Airborne Wind Energy Systems | Zenodo

Thanks to AWEIA (USA) founding members - DaveS and JoeF.

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I’ve heard of highest wind (the company) before
But can’t re-find anything on them easily online…
Intrigued as the document say’s their system is like an autogyro…
Any clues?

It is mentioned here on @someAWE_cb 's map, but I can only find the text in the page source. It says Time active: December 2008 – March 2013 among other things.

Bonus link from the map: WPI Kite Power Project Evolution - YouTube


"There is a stark Aviation Safety division of AWES designs between soft Power Kites and complex “Energy Drones” (Zillman), which are generally multicopter and fixed-wing platforms with high mass-density and high-velocity and critical dependence on wireless com-link and onboard controls. FAR Part 107 aptly applies to Energy Drones.

Power Kites as used in kite sports have no concentrated masses, no com-links, and low velocity. Energy Drones are clearly UAS under current definitions, but Power Kites generally do not fit defined UAS criteria but subject to FAR Part 101. Power Kites are best controlled by direct multi-line piloting, by the same proven principles as manned aircraft control surfaces are controlled by cables or servo actuators, with no wireless com-link. If one or more lines part, a Power Kite reliably self-kills, retained in its working footprint, while true UAS or single line AWES can range freely.

Therefore, Power Kite AWES will generally prove under close examination exempt to most UAS FARs. Insofar as kite lines are like classic control cables to the base-station (no Control Pod), and the PIC is present on-site, a Power Kite AWES is best classified and regulated as a “Manned” Aircraft System (MAS).

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Tethered Aviation ConOps (TACO) v.1.0 (

Federal Register :: Airborne Wind Energy Systems (AWES) Policy Statement

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Notice to US/Intl AWES R&D Community of updated and clarified FAA AWES regulations, please forward:

FAA’s latest AWE Policy Statement -

Federal Register :: Airborne Wind Energy Systems (AWES) Policy Statement