Using drone electronics for AWE experimenting

You can get these boards relatively cheap from several sources

The software is open source

It seems to me a good platform for experimentation as you get a processor, logging, a gyro/accelerometer, ground station software, RC interfacing, documentation, software and so much more.

Just sharing this. If anyone has any thoughts or possibly even experiences to share, go ahead. They come in even cheaper versions, but I guess even this price should enable most people wanting to use it.

I expect the first addition that would be useful for AWE purposes would be interfacing a load cell sensor to measure tether tension, such as HX711 based stuff…

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How does this compare to Pixhawk, besides obviously being cheaper?


A main difference seems to be that Pixhawk has a GPS. I didnt use either system (my last attempt was years ago with OpenPilot CC3D), so I should probably not say too much more

I expect the Pixhawk GPS could have issues with high G looping as experienced in Kitemill…

I would also like to add that the drone boards are probably used by more people thus components may be better tested.

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Yes I was wondering if you had any experience with any of the components on your high G test rig. :slight_smile:

Kitemill did these tests before I started working there. We have since tested another high end IMU that did not pass the test.

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Wish I had seen this earlier


Great RC stuff indeed, Tallak. You have found a Chinese tech partner whose technological prowess is built on Western art, now moving into first place. Its been the same in kite R&D, partner-up with the Chinese and advance, or be left behind. This is not about nationalistic regime power, East or West, but working with the finest, wherever.

Optimal experiment design is to make the best possible “high-complexity energy-drone” AWES, from COTS parts like FrSky offers, for extended testing against “low-complexity rag&string”; across all critical parameters (LCOE, safety, scalability).

Changing focus here-

H-m-m-m, mount a shocker on a sat-dish to aim at RC units; Tex-Mex Jammer.