Wave Power

They don’t say much about how much energy it returned, but it looks expensive.
Seems like there’s lots of energy in those waves, but so far, not much in the way of real success stories of harnessing that wave energy to power the grid. You’d think a decent solution would have emerged (submerged?) by now. Could this be it? No more global warming! :slight_smile:

OK, well, also “Tidal Power”:
Orbital Marine plans to expand to the famous-for-its-tidal-flow Bay of Fundy opportunity in Canada:

Companies partner to unlock Canadian tidal stream opportunity (renewableenergymagazine.com)

She has developed a system of floaters that can be fixed to existing marine structures: breakwaters, jetties or piers. As the waves come, they create an up and down movement and intense pressure in hydraulic cylinders which spin a generator, turning this motion into electricity.

Yes, heard of that one before. They say waves are not intermittent? Since when?
I lived in Huntington Beach, California (also known as “Surf City”) for many years. There are almost completely flat days, then there are huge days where the waves are like freight trains tipping over on you and you have to dig down fast to get below them as they go over, to avoid getting slammed into the sand.

Notice the lack of info regarding actual output, and cost, let alone maintenance. Then there are the tides. How do you keep this at the best level at all times to work at its optimum?

I guess someone had to try something like this, right? Is it looking like a promising solution? You walk out onto your favorite pier, for a peaceful gaze at your favorite ocean landscape, and you look down and instead of sea-life, you see what looks like the inner workings of a bunch of garbage trucks?

But is it an efficient use of materials, cost, and effort going into manufacturing, installing, maintaining, and operating it? Does it pass that initial test of viability? Or could it be one more “feel-good” project, basically another “press-release breakthrough” without legs to carry it forward?

Something about it seems a bit “Rube Goldberg” (too complicated). Could this be one more example of “global warming derangement syndrome”, where some people might even admit that it sucks, but rationalize it for an ostensible role in “raising awareness”, as I’ve heard said about sucky wind energy devices, like, say the Aerovironment turbines formerly mounted on Logan Airport, that turn out to be not only worthless, but a net loss?

Did you know that company initially contacted me for advice on how to build wind turbines? Yup. They at least had the sense to seek out “real wind people”. I’m actually surprised that there is still no viable building-mounted wind energy system, to this day. It’s only when people actually try it that they find out about all the vibration and noise it transmits into the building. Happened to me also. I had a turbine mounted on a commercial concrete and steel building, bolted to a corner of the building on top of a concrete block parapet wall, with rubber pads, but you could hear it running inside the building

And with wave energy, it seems it always sounds great until people try it and realize their apparatus is too awkward, complicated, inefficient, ugly, and expensive, then being destroyed by salt spray, barnacles, seaweed, tides, currents, sand, and major storms. But that won’t stop the next group from trying! Maybe someday, somebody will come up with something acceptable. :slight_smile:

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