Website builder

Does anyone know a good website builder?
Doing things manually costs too much time.
I wanted to go with squarespace, but they don’t support databases or sortable tables. Those would be needed to present lists of companies, systems and research teams properly.
Wix seems to support custom code with databases but is a bit more expensive and implementing that would probably be more difficult.

Am considering going with squarespace for the first year anyway.

I’ve looked at reviews, squarespace seems to be the best, or one of the best, choices, if perhaps geared more toward more visual websites, and ease of use over options.

I’m not sure I would be so happy paying 20 euros a year for the domain name and 131 euros a year (+taxes?) for the service though. You could for example go for wordpress, pay 15 euros a year for the domain name, 40 euros a year for the cloud hosting, and pay for a website template once if you don’t like the free ones. I’ve also looked at reviews of wordpress, and of course it has its own issues.

Please ask for help whenever you feel like it. Me personally, I like tinkering with websites.

I got the domain elsewhere and will probably continue to do so.
The service will cost around 110€/a. I’d like to go cheaper, but I also don’t want to get too deep into webdesign. [edit: 140€/a it is, those basterds haven’t added tax yet.]
I’ve used wordpress, which came with a hosting package, not by wordpress itself. It does the job, but it’s mostly geared towards blogging and I bet I’d have to write my own template to get what I want.

The first purpose of the site is to be a professionally looking landing page for awes, giving an overview and leading to other resources. That can be done without having all the resources there.

Trying wix now. Not commited to a yearly plan yet. More customization than squarespace.
Didn’t want to change the nameserver as apparently this can’t be done separately for the subdomain. Just pointed the IP. Let’s see if this works. A bit frustrating this whole thing. Another damned provisional…
… but damn it looks pretty fly

They had a promotion and so I’m with wix for at least a year now.
Have to sort out ssl with the new host now. Might need to change the nameserver which means, that the forum might be unreachable via the domain for a bit.
I think I’m able to add contributors but for now I’d like to keep things in one hand to keep it simple. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of interest in the site, but I’d be thankful for some collaboration and content contributions. This can be done via Wikis on the forum that will be mirrored on the site.

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No idea how they managed that because I can’t find the site if I try.

Turned on analytics.
Well if I’d got a notification everytime someone visits the website (excluding the forum), it wouldn’t be annoying me yet.^^