What could we do with magenn turbine

For awe github

Sir, have you consider using magnetic lavitation addition to your daisy system.

What is your educational background?

Bachlor in mechand masters in energy

Rod’s system can be improved. Best way to help might be to try to build it, or parts of it, yourself. You could also try to model the system and try to see how it could be improved.

I think you could approach it as a learning vehicle, just like trying to take apart a car and putting it together again is also a learning vehicle on how a car works. We often think with our hands. While working on the system, you’re in a better position to learn about the system, or think of improvements.

You learn quickest by building things quickly and testing quickly.

I think your first choice of using the magnus effect was perhaps reasonably arbitrary. Learn more about AWE, for example by reading some books on the subject, to make a better informed decision of what you want to focus on.

Also, just as a practical issue if you want to pursue a PhD or internship, there are many more entities working on AWES that don’t use the magnus effect.

Yeah I am interested in other entities too. I wish to start with a paragliding kite. It’s motion as can be presumed much more nonlinear and complex. We have to consider many assumption. Spring system from top to bottom. I am gathering information from books papers videos what I find online. Flying permission and cost is the major constrain associated with magenn turbine. I am trying to learn about simulation and modeling right now. I will try thanks.

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Make sure to check out all the research presented here, especially if you’re going for a soft kite. (which I would advise against)

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