Where can we find wind and weather data?

What sources do you like for historic and real-time weather and wind data?

The specific info I would be looking for in the sources would be how much of the time during the different months the wind is blowing at 10 m/s at ground level, and 100 meters up, in Europe.

And where I could get accurate real-time data, with a high resolution.

I don’t know where this topic should go.

Here is Cristina Archer’s publications: http://www.ceoe.udel.edu/our-people/profiles/carcher/my-publications. Cristina Archer is involved in airborne wind energy.
See also another view with Lee Miller’s and Alex Kleidon’s publications, from Max Planck Institute, on https://www.bgc-jena.mpg.de/index.php/BTM/LeeMiller.
Also https://earth.nullschool.net/#current/wind/surface/level/orthographic/loc=37.493,32.278 where one clicks in any part to know the wind speed, but without data about wind in altitude.

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Resource Analysis- would put it in Industry and Market Analysis.

A group involving Roland Schmehl will publish on the topic.

In the github docs for this there were good sources. Needs some digging to get to them.

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Thanks @PierreB, @Tom ! I’ll look through these.

I believe windfinder has a means to see current wind at different altitudes

Oh I like that site.
It says i’m full o crap… on the day of my recent test it’s windy like 12m/s (that was my upper gust I claimed)

Windy was forecasting similar (I think- ish)

I don’t think the tool is that exact.


METAR Data parsing and processing is kPower’s conceptual approach to mesoscale AWES weather automation, as explored over many years on the Old Forum.

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We use NREL website when preparing reports or doing research. For day-to-day current wind conditions, we use two apps that have been quite reliable. They are WindAlert and WindFinder Pro. We always cross check with the local weather forecast too. WindAlert will show up to 6 months historical data.



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