Which problems should academia work on?

This is a place to share problems that people in academia could work on.

These are some things I have been tinkering with

  • The Pyramid
  • Controlling angle of attack and this C_L in flight
  • As an extension of this, how pitch angle changes during a loop/pattern cycle
  • Measuring wind using no sensors
  • The flow and performance of wings looping at really tight turning radii, eg radius to wingspan 2 to 5. With this where you would transition from a plane to a windmill blade with twist
  • estimating wind gradient without sensors except imu

Some more

  • economy of plants of many smaller kites vs fewer large HAWT. Where is break even. How far must AWE scale?
  • combined propeller and fixed wing flight on a tether

My friend who is the former head of anemometry for GE Wind says he can tell you the data ahead of the fact just by looking at the vegetation at any given site. If you have a good wind resource, the vegetation will show it. If all the trees are heavily leaning in the same direction, you can pretty much tell which way the wind blows, and how strong.

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(AI) kite or kiteplane control.


System designs, architectures.

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A) Cheap, light, aerodynamic fairings for static length tethers
B) The same for tethers that has to roll onto drums


Flight control with varying dihedral due to wing bending. Also angle of attach changes due to wing twisting at very high wing loading.


… I’m very late to this thread. Great suggestions.
Having been labelled academic on the forum Muted non academic labelled topics… So this thread may be falling on deaf academic ears.

Just in case they can read…
Please study the gust effects on multi kite turbines
Data as requested by @rschmehl at AWEC

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