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AWEC 2019
2019-10-15/16 UK, Glasgow

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There is a session Control of Airborne Wind Energy Systems at the 2019 American Control Conference (ACC), July 10–12 in Philadelphia, USA, with 6 presentations:

Session ThA07
Chair: Vermillion, Christopher (North Carolina State University)
Co-chair: Paiva, Luis Tiago (University of Porto)

Time Location Title Authors
09:30-09:50 ThA07.1 An Iterative Learning Approach for Online Flight Path Optimization for Tethered Energy Systems Undergoing Cyclic Spooling Motion Mitchell Cobb, Kira Barton, Hosam K. Fathy, Christopher Vermillion
09:50-10:10 ThA07.2 A Path-Following Guidance Method for Airborne Wind Energy Systems with Large Domain of Attraction Gonçalo B. Silva, Luis Tiago Paiva, Fernando A. C. C. Fontes
10:10-10:30 ThA07.3 Control of Vertical Take Off, Dynamic Flight and Landing of Hybrid Drones for Airborne Wind Energy Systems Davide Todeschini, Lorenzo Fagiano, Claudio Micheli, Aldo Cattano
10:30-10:50 ThA07.4 Flight Test Verification of a Rigid Wing Airborne Wind Energy System Paul Williams, Sören Sieberling, Richard Ruiterkamp
10:50-11:10 ThA07.5 Locally Power-Optimal Nonlinear Model Predictive Control for Fixed-Wing Airborne Wind Energy Thomas Stastny, Eva Ahbe, Manuel Dangel, Roland Siegwart
11:10-11:30 ThA07.6 On Wind Speed Sensor Configurations and Altitude Control in Airborne Wind Energy Systems Laurel Dunn, Christopher Vermillion, Fotini Katopodes Chow, Scott Moura
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