Airborne Wind Energy Conference 2013 website reanimated

It is time to get nostalgic! With the help of Guido Lütsch, Bernd Lau, PJ Shepard and TU Delft’s IT services I have been able to reanimate the website of the Airborne Wind Energy Conference 2013 that took place in Berlin. The website includes speaker biographies, presentation slides and a wealth of photographic material of these pioneering times. Check it out here:

Depending on your browser the website might only run after making a security exception. If someone knows how to fix this please let me know.


Hi @rschmehl,

Indeed my browser doesn’t allow to open the website. A solution could be to gather the documents on the AWEC2013 website for a single document like the 2013 book of abstract that is available on

Hi @PierreB, thanks for the feedback. You can easily add a security exception by clicking the space left to the URL in your browser. But this is not a long term solution, I admit, and the best would be to serve the pages via https. I need to figure out how to do this.
We can not make an additional book from the pages, unfortunately, because all content is in different formats. The book of abstract is available for this conference, via It was more the idea to make also this additional information available.


The SSL certificate your server is using is for while you are hosting the site under Since this does not match the browser throws the warning.

The way to fix that is to create an SSL certificate for and tell your server to use it. Something that your web admins should be able to do.


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Land and Space use - @PierreB

:slight_smile: You discovered this dilemma way back

Yes @tallakt. And also I remember test of their kW-range yoyo AWES and the instructions from the manager: “No one under the tether!”.


Thanks for the expert advice!

What you describe was also on my mind but then I checked our website and found the same construction: the certificate is issued for while the site is hosted under The latter is just an alias.

See below how it looks for What could be wrong?

I checked the forwarding alias and I can not assign any certificates to this.

Best, Roland

OK, it is clear what happens. Christof is right, the security certificate does not cover the alias name On the AWEC 2019 website the certificate includes all alternative domain names. Next request to IT services…

Problem has been solved. All operational AWEC websites,, and now have proper security certificates.

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