AWEC2019 videos

A question for @rschmehl and @Ollie organisers of AWEC2019

Where can we watch the videos of the presentations?
It’s been a long time since the conference.
We could have posted the hard drive around all of the forum members by now.
Any reason the session videos are not yet hosted on

Clipping and uploading doesn’t require 4 months.
@rschmehl we saw your recent presentation introducing AWES nearly live.

The real work of AWES should be shared ASAP because meanwhile the world is flooded daily with horrific AWES market reports like

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This looks like an emotional evaluation by the use of the term “horrific” rather than an argumented analysis. Do you know what is on this report, did you buy it?

I admit to having an emotion.
No need to buy it and waste your money.
It comes advertised with the same robotically regurgitated spiel as all of the other market reports of the last few years.
Got to be careful how you channel anger.

Hi @Rodread, I perfectly agree that this footage should be made public. It is unfortunately a lot lot more than clipping and uploading. That wouldn’t have taken more than a few weeks. The problem with the AWEC 2019 video footage is the low quality of the video material. The recording in the full auditorium has very low resolution because it was live streamed and the team only kept a copy of the stream. The recordings in the split auditorium focus the camera on the speakers only and you won’t see the slides. The only presentable way was to overlay, in a free quarter of the video area, a synchronized stream of slide stills with the actual video. I have found a good way to do this in a semi-automatic way, using OpenShot, LibreOffice Impress and ffmpeg but it does require manual synchronization of the slides. Luckily the video recording captures a small corner of the presented slides so synchronization is doable. But as I found this takes quite some time and I just could not continue at some point. If there is someone volunteering who could help we can maybe share the work load? I am only using free software.


If you can write down or record your work process and upload the files somewhere, I’d be happy to help.

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Thanks for explaining the situation here @rschmehl
Low-quality recording seems so unnecessary given AWEC2019 was hosted in a new building set up especially for hosting conferences.
@ollie Feedback form for TIC

Hi @Rodread, this can always happen (not my first experience). When organizing a large international event like the AWEC you always need to outsource tasks and communication is then of major importance. When things get hectic in the weeks and days towards the event these kind of things happen. It is, after all, amazing how well the local teams in Freiburg (2017) and Glasgow (2019) pulled it off to create such wonderful events that will stick in our memory - with or without recordings. Lessons learned: video footage is more important as it seems before the event, so better double check and make sure to have backup solutions. Already 3 GoPro’s (or handheld video cameras) on tripods + one student assistant each, for close-up recordings would have generated perfect backup recordings.

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I second this. I can process a few of the videos if you have a routine I can follow.
Going by the standard of the raw rough and ready footage I post to youtube… I’ll understand if you don’t take me up on the offer.

@rschmehl, have you given up on posting the videos? Are they too low quality or do you expect too little engagement?

Now that we’re all working from home, we have time to process these videos … cool
at last.

TBH, I really don’t care what quality these videos are… I want to see them.
Anyone else interested in AWES will want to see them too.

Can I please help you in getting these out?

Isolation is boring.
Any news on the video yet?

@Ollie you have access to the raw files.
How nervous are you about posting them to an online repository?
Would “that sort of move” have repercussions to your employability?

@rschmehl Are these videos being kept out of public scrutiny for some reason?

Why am I so narky?
Is it just than I’m home with my kids … Being beside my work, but utterly distracted from it.
The Isle of Lewis is about as amazing a place as you could want to be in lockdown…
Plenty of room to get on with life,
yet we still get bored without our AWES videos here.
Hope you’re all staying well and looking after each other.

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Hi @rschmehl
It has been 7 weeks since you posted in this thread.
Would you be able to provide an update Please.

Well, I got fed up waiting.
Here’s an alternative way to see an AWEC2019 presentation.
I hope the quality of the proper videos is better than this one I recorded at home.

There’s a load of stuff I forgot to say. Some of which was said at the conference.
As usual, there’s more on the YouTube chanel.

Maybe this is how the talked about online conference could be done…Would be good to see some more (and better presented) work.

So, Should I now let my sons give me the lockdown mullet?

  • Yes
  • No

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Rod, your mullet looks like your network below. Your sons could also build it.

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