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The thermodynamic zero-point-energy required to activate any AWES is the energy to stretch it out, plus the energy to raise its mass to altitude. AWES free-energy to do useful work is on top of zero-point energy.

At low wind velocity, zero-point need can use up all available energy, but at high wind velocities, abundant free-energy becomes available (see kitesurfing videos).

USP3987987fig5 with power kite, as originally envisioned, and as shown by this demo, is quite good compared to other AWES categories, for minimal zero-point and maximal free energy. Rigid kiteplanes are not so good as power kites for low zero-point energy, and Tallak is right that their high-velocity tether drag is more of a limiting factor.

The first two paragraphs uses an inapplicable physics concept and doesn’t address the quote.

The last paragraph is an unreasoned claim.

This would need to be motivated.

Pierre is referring to the zero-point energy, its clearly “applicable”-

The stupid part is to bother censoring kite knowledge, like the thermodynamic zero-point of kite flight.

Windy Skies hides true identity rather than be a known person deeply ignorant of key engineering science expertise, and a worthless Netiquette Troll.

This kind of censorship will not stand.


It is obvious that the “minimal part…” is referring in a “large part…”. This has nothing to do with the “zero-point-energy” which is out of context (

The “minimal part” is the free-energy. You really do not know this stuff, nor does Pierre know thermodynamics formally, so he is groping to express a basic principle, and I am helping explain.

You would not censor like you do if you were knowledgeable.

Whoops, the censorship threw me again.

Pierre overlooks free-energy v zero-point. He is talking about both.

@kitefreak, apparently you do not know what is “thermodynamics” or “zero-point-energy”, trying to replace your smoking theories again and again. By the same you do not understand what I wrote.

But you are very lucky because @Windy_Skies helps you formulate your “thought” before making it presentable to readers. For the moment you only serve a disgusting mash with poorly digested concepts.