Cost and time to manufacture of one-off, custom, > 1 MW generator?

I saw this Poll of the strategies and thought this would be an important bottleneck and cost for some of the systems, eventually.

There can’t be that many companies that take orders for custom, one-off, > 1 MW generators? What are possible candidates? How long would they take to build a custom generator? What would they charge for that?

The poll was meant to be informal and I wanted to dodge the discussion about «What exactly is AWE». I believe anyone reaching the goal is still far off. If someone could perform well at small scale, resources would probably be made available to scale bigger. At least this is how I hope the world works :slight_smile:

Anyways the poll just states making profit selling electricity to the grid. 1 MW scale is just an assumption that this is necessary, which is probably true, at some number for the scale…

I understand and agree. This wasn’t meant to be a loaded question to argue against some systems. It’s just a question I’ve had for some time the poll made me think about, again.

My question also has an assumption built into it, that you can’t use an off-the-shelf generator.

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