Poll of the strategies

What will be the first kind of utility scale energy producing AWE to go break even profit on normal grid electricity production?

  • Drag mode single kite (Eg Makani)
  • Lift Mode single kite (Eg Ampyx)
  • Multi kite lift or drag mode (eg KiteX)
  • Torsion transfer (eg Windswept and Interesting)
  • Other large kite network
  • Single shaft multi rotor (SuperTurbine)
  • Something else
  • Wont ever happen

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Where does SkySails upcoming 200kW product fit? Not with Ampyx, that would be rather confusing.

A one kilometer diameter kite multi-tethered.

Last I heard, Skysails did not deliver to the grid, but if they did, I’d use the «other» option

I’d like to add that people could possibly see your vote. The poll is just for fun, but if you are CTO of a prominent AWE company and want to vote «never» you might be better off just not taking part…

Ok, I voted “other”, and include this SkySails note rather than make a whole new topic.

Skysails AWES can deploy as well as a grid-tie unit as not. I think its the best current chance to first break-even at utility scale.

I don’t think “other” fairly represents ship-kite power-kite class against Makani and Ampyx, who I do not think are serviceable soon. The Kite Power mishap hits them hardest.

kPower has no need for confidential opinions, as an Open AWE competitive advantage. We have long had cordial relations with SkySails, and are poised to help them build US market share, just as they might adopt select kPower methods, if needed.

Dave Culp, founder of KiteShip (and kPower founding circle) did see SkySails as an unfair competitor by broad IP claims, but their brilliant launch method basically dates back to the Golden Age of Kites [source, Walter Diem], the wing is fairly standard, and their fine detail-engineering is not too blocking. kPower can sell you a SkySails North wing of KiteShip OL, at a small mark-up, or just buy direct from them, cheaper.

I think Awes at utility scale won’t happen in a near future, let’s say 20 years. What I believe is that awes is more about non intermittent production rather than competing with utility scale.
Another factor is decreasing pressure with altitude. Because of that there might be a large amount of energy up there, but you will need a gigantic machine to harness enough air particles.