Could AWE increase drastically the part of renewable energy?

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My first comment: given the current AWE production, I’m afraid the answer will come in the form of sarcasm. But we can always dream, and perhaps AWE is still too close to its start (or its end?) …The reality is that AWE looks set to be an exciting field for research, which perhaps may someday lead to a few niche markets. Of course other opinions can be heard.

I think if you want to make very long wind turbine blades flapping in the wind, you perhaps want them to be intelligent and have control surfaces. That is one way AWE can be very relevant.

Then there is distributed and niche wind.

Can you detail this please? Is “flapping” the same as “rotating” or other?

Just a segmented wind turbine blade with hinges and control surfaces. As an idea to create very long but still relatively slender blades.