Crosswind paths allowing to use a larger powerkite for a same tether length

In figure-eight or circular path the kite uses only a small part of the frontal airspace wind. This topic is intended to study trajectories that optimize the space by sweeping the largest possible wind area. Below is a thought about U-turn with zero radius allowing using a larger kite for the same tether length.

Some other topics were about a specific path such like


The present topic is about all possible ways to achieve its purpose.

I put again some elements for a first approximation of the kite area/swept frontal airspace wind, so something equivalent to the solidity in current wind turbines.
The Power Harvesting Factor ζ is described on the pages 15 and 16 on:

The solidity can be roughly deduced from the Power Harvesting Factor ζ.
Solidity = 1/(Power Harvesting Factor ζ x 27/16). Some examples:
ζ = 5.5 for a wind turbine, solidity = 1/9.28);
ζ = 8 for Makani, L/D ratio = 7.35 with tether, solidity = 1/13.5;
ζ = 30 for a rigid kite with L/D ratio = 14.2, solidity = 1/51.
ζ = 4 for a flexible kite with L/D ratio = 5.2, solidity = 1/6.75;
ζ = 2.37 for a flexible kite with L/D ratio = 4, solidity = 1/4;

So a flexible (possibly networked) huge kite of ζ = 2.37 and solidity = 1/4 would be a reasonable start. The flight window could be maximized for different sorts of single kites.