Designing a 100W 100ft 100min Airborne Wind Energy System. Part 1: Can the Helix transmit 100W?


Team Tueddelpower has decided to take on our own 100100100 challenge (if anybody remembers :wink: ) and build a system that can do 100W at 100ft rotor height for at least 100min.

The system will be designed from scratch based on the experience and the data we collected with the demonstrator.

I will publish both the design&build process and the design itself under an open source license.

Since Spain is in Covid 19 lock down I decided to produce the first videos while I can’t go to the workshop. Please excuse the low quality of the videos - but I am cutting them mostly from internal footage - while all three kids are bored and trying to get my attention :slight_smile:

This is part one where we test the Open Tensegrity Shaft (OTS) to see if it can transfer the 100W @ 120RPMs. Spoiler alert: Yes it can!

Anyways, I hope you enjoy!