Designing a 100W Tensile Rotary Power Transmission based Airborne Wind Energy System. Part 2: Generator test


I published Part 2:

This video shows the testing of some cheap generators from AliExpress making sure they perform as advertised (they don’t) or at least do what we need them to do (one does).

Second goal was to find the RPMs needed so we can design our gear to speed up the 120 rotor RPMs to the right generator RPMs.

We also tested with a VESC 4 controller and compared it to a simple rectifier and were adding load cells to measure torque and calculate the efficiency of both designs. But that is for a time after the lock down…

One lesson learned is that if you buy cheap you must test. I have yet to find a component from AliExpress that matches it’s data sheet (if they even come with one).

Stay healthy!

PD: If you missed Part 1 you can find it here.