Efficiency vs lightness

I allude to the discussions with @dougselsam and @kitefreak during years in the Yahoo forum and now here.
These discussions are really interesting as they lead to a main AWE technological background, opposing efficiency (based on comparison with current wind turbines) and lightness (based on the point of view of the aviation). Sometimes I take informations from @dougselsam, sometimes from @kitefreak.

Their disagreement resumes the AWE difficulties, and would be still more useful if only technic contents are evoked, then explained as if it was the first time. For moderators such discussions are a challenge worth lifting.


See also DS vs DS BS = needless stress.

In my view, lightness = efficiency. Let Pierre and Doug advocate “efficiency vs lightness”.

It would be a good new if @dougselsam can confirm.

Doug denies that the ST driveshaft is too massive. We can agree driveshafts are efficient. Good luck making Doug’s ideas work in AWE.

Where? Please could you provide some source?

“We” looks to be a weasel word.

Is it sincere?:wink:

Doug proposed a 1000ft drive shaft on the AWES Forum several years ago. That sort of component would be super-massive in order to be robust.

“We” means me and Pierre. If he does not agree, let him correct. Yes, I am sincere, that I really hope Pierre succeeds, as a friend and peer, with or without Doug’s technology.

It is a possibility among others.

In this case I meant we. If you think a 1000ft drive shaft is “lightness”, then we do not agree.

A “weasel words” fear is nutty in an engineering context.



are not logically possible. To summarize from “we can agree” to “we do not agree” leads to a contradiction.
But basically it is the role of a weasel word to be able to change during the discussion. So you provide a fine school case of the use of a weasel word.

“A fine school case” in Orange only.

Actual AWE statements are what really counts.

Some explain please?

If you are in Orange, and that is your opinion.

You are off-topic. What else?

You steered the topic to “weasel words”. The topic is how Doug and I think about efficiency and lightness.

To repeat- In kites efficiency = lightness

Let you and Doug disagree.

Please stop with weasel words. Thanks.

What “weasel words”? You will have to point them out rather than expect me to judge for you.

Yours as already explained. But perhaps you understand better “yellow journalism” expression.

Yes, its where you confuse us with journalists who know nothing of AWE.

Who is “us”? Is “us” the same as “we”?