HIGHWIND (2010-2015 research project on rotating launch and landing of kites, and dual-airfoil AWES and their control)

A work in progress video of closed loop kite experiments with NMPC and MHE

Footage of closed loop experiments

Highwind » Publications
Note that the older links going to …kuleuven.be/optec/files/… seem to be dead.

An appearance in a Belgian (Canvas) documentary (mentioned on Highwind » News, see also the other tabs): Alles Kan Schoner Deel 2

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At 0:12: “What we see here is an airplane with an arm

And, at 2:53: "The method we are studying, what we actually envision, is a rotational takeoff".

Prof. Dr. Moritz Diehl invests a lot in this type of research.

Among the numerous links involving Moritz Diehl, there is a publication available on https://www.researchgate.net/publication/260586228_Airborne_Wind_Energy_Based_on_Dual_Airfoils
Airborne Wind Energy Based on Dual Airfoils

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Though I am skeptical of such things… It’s important to note that nearly anything “can” work… It’s a good thing Makani allowed everyone to use their patents in this regard… It does look familiar.