Job postings in awesystems

Found a new job posting in the field? It goes here and wil be posted to manually.

Job postings are online!
As soon as I’ve completed data entry it will be the second useful part of after the forum.

Data entry completed!
Any job postings I’ve missed?

Four new jobs at Enerkíte in Germany. @someAWE_cb know someone?

Who would have thought there are 26 open positions in awes companies?

I left Germany many years ago - let me know if you need somebody in Spain ;)/cb


Hope you didn’t have to burn all the bridges.^^
Will do. Though I’m not aware of anyone working on awes in Spain except yourself.

To complete the job posting table: Kitepower B.V. was established in 2016 (“Start year”) and it commercially develops a ground gen concept. The Kite Power Research Group at TU Delft was established in 2004 and it also looks at ground gen concepts. It is not clear to me (and also not described anywhere) what the number in the column “Activity” means?


Glad to hear from you @rschmehl. Welcome to this forum.


Adding to my previous post: The entry “KitePower” should be deleted and “TU Delft” used instead. “KitePower” is a research group of “TU Delft” and (outside the university) we generally use the name of the university as an identifier.

Welcome :smiley: Glad to have you here.
Thank you for the information and correction. The list has been updated accordingly. (Not live yet)

The activity is an indicator I made up on the fly as I noticed that many organizations don’t show any clear activity.

  1. Active: Clearly working on something AWES related.
  2. Dead: Clearly dead or hasn’t shown activity for a long time.
  3. Uncertain: For example: They are listed by you, but I couldn’t find signs of recent or any awes activity.

This is mostly an indicator for myself for now and will vanish from the public site until I have made clear criteria for each category.
Or maybe stay in as mysterious as it is, since sorting for it is really useful.
(Sorting doesn’t work yet, but might get that enabled today)

A few more remarks:

The two Swiss universities are not displayed correctly: “ETH Zürich” should be “ETH Zurich” (written without umlaut in English) and " Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne" should be " École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne". The links to the research groups should be and

HIGHWIND was a project funded by an ERC (European Research Council) starting grant. It is not active anymore and I would thus remove it (because nobody will be hired into this project anymore). In general I would not list projects in this table but only institutions that can actually hire people. Or at least denote these as “not incorporated” as you do with some.

Scuola Stant’Anna is not involved anymore actively in AWE. Prof. Marco Fontana, who pursued the activities in Pisa, has moved to the University of Trento. I would this replace this.

The website of the research group at University of Freiburg is This group is headed by Moritz Diehl and located at the IMTEK (

Similarly I would use “TU Delft” as identifier for the research group that was founded by Wubbo Ockels and is headed by me since 2009. We use the website You can leave the starting year at 1999 because Prof. Ockels already performed research that early. You can see this in the list of publications that I am currently updating: More consolidated and systematic research began only in 2004 when the research group was formally set up.

Skysails Group GmbH has vacancies listed at

The link to FHNW is incorrect (


Thank you again.

I plan to actually get individual listings back online.
The current list is just the list of organizations and I would like to keep that as comple as possible, including inactive organizations. (Might filter which show publicly though)

Not sure how to handle universities / research groups yet. Might list them both and add an affiliation column.

The research group at TU Berlin has only a website in German: Please use this link.

The research group at TU Munich should be linked as This academic activity has recently spun-off a company: KiteKraft ( Please add this to the list.

To make things a bit more complicated, there are two other research groups at TU Munich that are involved in AWE: the Control of Renewable Energy Systems (CRES) group ( of Dr. Christoph Hackl and the Chair of Wind Energy of Prof. Carlo Botasso. Within this chair it is Filippo Campagnolo ( who is pursuing (among others) AWE. Dr. Bauer moved to Hochschule München (University of Applied Sciences Munich) and is heading the laboratory for mechatronic and regenerative energy systems LMRES (

It would also be good to list “Airborne Wind Europe” ( which is the European industry association for airborne wind energy.

The link for University of Delaware would be

“Fraunhofer IWES” is an institute of the Fraunhofer Society ( which is a German research organization. Fraunhofer IWES is located in Bremerhaven and Kassel. Both have been participating in the projects OnKites I and II

UNC Charlotte should probably be replaced by NC State because Prof. Chris Vermillion moved to this university. The website is

Instead of UPWIND I would list “University of Porto” and link to This, to be consistent with the listing of other academic research groups that are listed by their universities name but have a specific link to the activity and/or principal investigator.

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Thank you! Done.
Will come back to the TU Munich, when reconsidering how to list research groups.

Sorted alphabetically now.

Thanks, Luke. The difficulty with academic research groups is that academics often switch universities along their career - that is common especially in the US, but now also clear in Munich;-) With the principal investigator also the project moves along…

If you want to keep also projects your list will become really large. Especially if you want to keep past projects. A database and/or filtering might indeed be a good way to proceed.

Here are a few more details that I saw:

The research group at UFSC (UF Santa Catarina) maintains its website at

The link to AirLoom Energy ( is not working any more.

The link to KU Leuven could be to be more specific. The PI is Prof. Johan Meyers

The link to ECN is not functioning. Please use (ECN is now part of TNO!).

For NLR you can use this link

For University of Trento you could use

Politecnico di Milano is missing in your list. Lorenzo Fagiano (formerly at ABB Research) has moved there:


The data is already stored in a mysql database.

At the moment I have to run the php locally and push html manually to the server, because I am hosting on Wix which doesn’t allow php. As soon as that contract runs out I’ll host myself and enable tools that query the database directly. Could do that now but don’t want to incur further cost. I can generate a bunch of separate lists for queries I imagine would be common.

Or ask people to write me a letter for queries including return postage. :crazy_face:


MVP online.
Data entry not complete
Had included responsibilities and qualifications, but excluding that now. Blows up the list and too much work to enter.

Data entry complete. So much less work, when only entering the basics.

Makani is based in Alameda, California, not in Canada;-) Maybe best to just write USA, because you list only countries.

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