Let's (re)build the AWES community!

Hi everyone.:blush:
I’m really happy discourse is working.
Now it’s up to you. Let’s make this the bestest AWES forum that has ever lived!

  • What categories would you like to see?
  • Who wants to be a moderator?
  • Any suggestions?

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Hi folks! (Im just writing this to get more than x characters)

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Wohoo first post from someone who isn’t me.

Hi! Just checking in.

I wouldn’t mind doing house-work as a moderator. I would like to see an “archive” of previous discussions. And several lists and wikis of relevant topics. The people make the community though, so I mostly hope the regular users from the old Yahoo group come and join too.

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Do you mean an archive of the yahoo group or of any discussions which might happen here? ___
The yahoo group basically is an archive of itself. I have downloaded and am exporting the group soon, possibly today. I would like to host it to have a backup.

Please elaborate, how those lists and wikis could look! I know there are independently hosted wikis about specific topics but I’ve never used one of those. It would also be a whole new thing with a cms and users to host and manage.
The way I would have done it is just static pages. Content and edits could be suggested here in the forum.

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:heart_eyes: A moderator here can make any post a wiki. I would sticky a thread and make the first post a wiki.

I’ll make this post a wiki to demonstrate. _____ Now any user can edit this post.

It’s pretty self-explanatory. Do it a few times and you’ll get the hang of it.

Yes. But that’s a nice to have for me, not necessarily a need to have.

[Luke here, editing @Windy_Skies post
Nice, didn’t know that. Let’s do it that way!]

Edited, but edit author did not seem to show. ~ JoeF

I like the Idea … can we propose or reshuffle hierarchical information structures for the existing posts ? ~rod

@JoeFaust, you can see how many edits have been made to any comment in the top right of that comment, next to the timestamp. The comment has now been edited 4 times. Click on the notepad in the top right of the post to see the edit history.

I can see you’ve added the photo, and when, but I can’t see your “Edited, but edit author did not seem to show. ~ JoeF” I should see that too. EDIT: I do see your complete edit in the “Raw” version of the edit history.

I hope to build my own thing, so content/categories that would help me would be, for example:

[1] Discussion on the physics and math of what we are doing.
[2] Discussion on how to build CAD models and how to run simulation on those models.
[3] How to manufacture the things we think of.
[4] Inspiration in seeing what other people have done or are doing, in patents, literature, and so on.
[5] Probably a section that specifically discusses the things we (the makers) are trying to solve now? But then there is perhaps a risk that discussions that perhaps should go in [1]-[3] goes in here.

Because I saw this a lot in the old forum, also:

[6] A section for “blue sky thinking” / brainstorming / open-minded thinking.

You can create categories and also subcategories within those categories.

Also you can enable tags, I think it requires a plugin or something? You could for example tag all content about a particular company. Clicking on the tag then leads you to that content. That way you don’t need to potentially create hundreds of subcategories or rely only on text searches.

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Maybe the subcategories in Design & Building should be top level…
Tags didn’t require a plugin. However only topics can be tagged, not posts.


Thanks :slight_smile: I like how you’ve done that.

If we keep these general categories, I’d add “Engineering” too.

You could also decide to also have more specific subcategories. I’d be interested in subcategories for pilot/lifting kites, blade design, (rope drives), ground-based generator and gearing, and electronics, for example. People working on other ideas would be interested in other concepts.

Time will tell.

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Engineering is a bit too general. Most things can be regarded as engineering.

I tried to implement all categories you mentioned. Hard to make it so that things don’t fit two categories. Let’s see how this evolves.

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Had to turn off mailing list mode today
It’s great to see so much activity here. :grin:


Hello Everyone,
Kitepower is glad to be on board of the forum, good initiative!


I’m gonna say yes.

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How do we feel about adding a category like “transmission of power/force from sky to ground”?

In that could go posts about conductive tethers, tethers for winching systems, rope-drives, rotating shafts, and more if there are more ways of getting power to the ground.

I vote in favor of adding the category.

Edit: or would that span across existing and possible future categories like “crosswind kites” “flygen crosswind,” “rotary”? I’m still in favor.


If noone posts in it, we can stilll delete it. Sounds useful to me.


Hi @Tom

Could you make it so that I don’t need to disable https://www.eff.org/https-everywhere/faq to browse the forum?

And can we make a plan, or do you have a plan, so that the forum will still exist in 20 years?

No idea.^^ Big fan of https everywhere, but not a web expert. Willl look into it.

Thought about it. It’s not urgent. I think we should see how the forum is doing in a year and then consider it again. I’ll try to stay alive that long. Did you have concrete ideas? A foundation or something?

I think a foundation is a good plan. In a year+

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