Let's (re)build the AWES community!

Thanks ^.^

Yeah, let’s see how the forum develops. I don’t have ideas about this yet.

Looked into it. https won’t happen any time soon. SSl certificates cost 8€/year and (sub)domain.Free, self-signed ones are hard to revoke. It’s another thing to manage. The https-everywhere is probably more of an issue than the actual security. Worst case is that someone who uses unencrypted wifi or something is impersonated on this forum. Use a unique password that you don’t use for important stuff and it should be fine.

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No, thats not worst case.

A bad case is someones password on this site is reused on other sites and that person could lose a lot of values.

I think https, eg. using letsencrypt is a good idea. There are some good tutorials on their pages, its not a lot of work (could be used to get access to credit cards, domain accounts, twitter and facebook handles etc etc).


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But what if someone is browsing the forum solely on their Nintendo DS? Ever thought of that???

Didn’t know let’s encrypt was so widely accepted.^^
Will implement ssl soonish.


Https works now.



Damn 1700 posts! …by a handful of people.
Would not have expected that.


I think this wasn’t mentioned yet, I’d like to see a “meteorology” or similarly named category.

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Done. https://forum.awesystems.info/c/analysis/resource

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Thanks ^.^

I’d like to keep the “market and industry analysis” subcategory though. It’s now gone?

It was a main category. Still is. Now called just “Analysis”.
Not sure if the addition “Market and Industry” adds anything since basically any analysis is also one of market and industry. Could add this and more subcategories for types of analysis.

Analysis is a very broad topic. And market and industry analysis is such an important topic in business that it definitely needs a separate subcategory I think.

Scanning the Wikipedia page I can see some other potentially useful categories, like Engineering analysis.

Posts can only be in one category so they should be very distinct.
On a sidenote: The Methods category should probably be renamed or altered because “Methods” implied that it’s just about how to do math or cad.

That was my original intention: get help with, and share how you do, math, cad, and so on.

On the name, I don’t know. Get Help, How To, Methods? Methods is good because it is broader, it implies you can also share news or articles and so on.

I got it the wrong way around: market analysis is a part of industry analysis, so I think the name of the subcategory should be Industry and market analysis.

Industry and market analysis are such distinct categories that every business plan will have separate chapters for them. Here Market analysis (meaning analysis of potential customers for your service/product) should definitely be in a separate subcategory.

The News and Lounge topics often change to Industry/Engineering analysis topics. I don’t have too strong an opinion on it, but I think they would mostly belong in an Engineering analysis category, as none of the concepts discussed have yet left the engineering phase.

The classification can lead to two inverted difficulties: an excess of slicing of the ideas, lossing an overview; and a loss of focus.

Examples of alternative possibilities:
I don’t think the companies or the engeeners present their systems for lounge topics as they can be serious and produce some engineering analysis before publication, even if other persons evaluate these (generally new or said as new) systems for lounge topics. So lounge could enter Industry and market analysis subcategory as subsubcategory (perhaps a better word).

Methods, Subsystems/Components and Control (with its current analysis subcategory) could enter Analysis as subcategories.

Industry and market analysis could also comprise “AWE in the energy mix” subsubcategory as the involved energies (fossils, nuclear, wind, tidal …) share the same potential or real market.

So a solution for the classification avoiding both slicing and loss of focus could take a pyramidal form, with few categories, more subcategories, still more subsubcategories, then still more topics, then still more comments.

There can only be main- and subcategories. Futher subcategories are impossible.

Why are Methods, Control, Subsystems/Control different categories?

Methods is about how to do something in general.
Control was supposed to be about Flight/System control - has not been accepted so might as well go.
Subsystems/Control does not exist. It’s called Subsystems/Components

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Btw.: Kudos to Discourse for keeping links intact, even when categories or topics are renamed.

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