List of organizations

Over 80 organizations listed now.
Most of them useless. Probably less than a third active. But someone wanted to collect them all.
At least sorting is enabled, which helps to make some sense of the mess.
Still not done with data entry from the someawe map.


Data entry complete. Any awes organization should be in there now. Probably the most accessible list of awes companies now.
Some from the non-“western” world might be missing.
It’s just a list, doesn’t replace the someawe map or
Will need further work to make it more useful. Make a separate list for projects and link the orgs, which took part. Might list individuals as well. The academic world is not so easy to sort.
Next step: Feature more companies. Need to get press kits and permission for that.

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Fine work. Some things for verification:
Kitewinder: groundgen;
KiteKraft: flygen;
GIPSA-lab: groundgen.

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Thank you! It’s corrected.

“NASA Langles Research Center” should be “NASA Langley Research Center”. I find the respective portfolio on the NASA website ( better than the youtube movie.

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Yes, thank you. That’s better. I actually tried to find some project site through Mark D Moore, but couldn’t.
This goes to show how important it is to have information not just there but easily findable.

True. BTW, Mark Moore had left NASA and is now working for Uber as “Uber Engineering Director of Vehicle Systems” (according to his LinkedIn page, which is definitely a nice job title (and for sure an exciting job)…


I don’t FEEL dead. Heck, we just had a new wind energy patent issue, for the main type of offshore surface station usually considered for hypothetical deep-wter airborne wind energy installations. We won another patent covering AWE versions of SuperTurbine a couple of years ago, and I successfully used a kite to elevate the Sky Serpent last summer, with a video showing power output of over 1000 Watts. I’ve also been trying to help others, telling the torque-drive people to stop listening to bad advice and try hard airfoils, and they’d see way more power. After I told CB if he would flatten the pitch of his airfoils, he would see much more power, but his rig would probably blow apart, both he and Roddy have gone from a couple hundred Watts to over a thousand, with the predictable self-destruction of their devices. That was to try and help these guys get past bad advice to use soft single-skin airfoils, with the caveat that torque drive was inadvisable or impossible in the first place. Maybe Luke thinks I’m “dead” because as a relative newbie, he doesn’t yet fully realize most of the statements issued by the investment-chasing teams will turn out to be false. I appear “ded” in compariuson to compnies issuing many exciting false statements about future outcomes that may not actually emerge. Maybe there is always one more sucker to believe these false statements, but I surmise at some point people will start waking up to it. I mean, how many boys can cry “wolf” before it starts sounding like mere noise? Now don’t worry, I don’t really take all this very seriously - people can say or think whatever they want, and it can be great entertainment, but I just figured I’d mention, yes, while I’m as frustrated as anyone could be about daily emergencies that keep me from making more progress in AWE, “dead” is probably not quite accurate, although sometimes I feel “almost” dead after a hard day. :slight_smile:


I’ll take that as a sign of life and update the database.^^

Dear all,
Nice initiative!
I would suggest to improve the initial picture on
Currently it suggests that Kitepower Delft would be the main AWE company, which is not the case.
Either remove this picture, or use a composite of at least three pics.
I could provide that.
What do you think?

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Two more infos: e-kite is definitely not dead. I just helped them with a presentation of their new system last week (not yet public, but great!).
Furthermore my own company, aenarete is working on the smallest wind drone ever, using a groundgen.
Thanks for updating!

Welcome to the Forum! :slightly_smiling_face:
The current picture is very biased, with only @Kitepower and @Rodread being featured. The “featured” part above the unbiased list exists, because it’s hard to get any impression of what’s going on from the very boring list. I intend to come up with a relatively clear definition for what companies get featured. I’m afraid it will probably be companies developing a complete system, so aenarete won’t qualify yet. This is open for discussion though.
I’ve just tried out the layout. Will need to reach out to more companies now to ask for press kits and/or permission to use their images. Makani hasn’t replied to my email.
Thank you for the corrections!

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University of Stuttgart
Leibnitz Universität Hannover

Will get things a bit more official around here before asking more companies for press kits etc.
Meanwhile the list of featured companies will stay as is.

Libertykite, yacht traction company
白毅 ( Bái yì )

Removed the featured organizations for now.
It was too unbalanced for too long. Thought I could add more companies sooner.
Will need to get official email addresses, before trying to contact companies again.

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