Need advice Won Makani auctioned items..

My brother in law and i were fortunate to come into the possesion of much of the hardware, components and tech of the Makani project that recently shut down in Hawaii From the platform to the tethers etc ect…the problem now is we have an enormous amount of this valuable asset the question is what do we do with this? Who would be interested in obtaining it? Is it even worth anything to anyone? Any thoughts or ideas to point us in the right direction for selling it are VERY much appreciated. Pics available Mahalo


Maybe contact Windlift who are pursuing a similar strategy. I would expect they were at the auction if they had money and intention though.

Whatever you cannot use, please open source it for the sake of progress of renewable energy


Thank you so much talktalk ill look up windrift. And what do you mean open source? To list it?

To open source: perhaps create a repository on github then submit design files and reports. Or maybe share a dropbox file with said contents.

I can understand you may want to monetize some of the stuff, just a small plea to open source any «useless» stuff.

Or maybe the former employees of Makani can help. Or

Welcome @Howit,

Why not Makani ( itself? (!)

Hi @Howit
The leftover Makani equipment from (think it was Alameda) was auctioned.
Makani assets auction + related discussion + eWind progress
There was a lot of useful kit there.
A lot of the produced hardware will be very application specific.
The manufacturing machinery is very widely applicable.
Depends on what you have…
It’s not going to fit in a museum I guess.

The museum of failed wannabe wind energy solutions? Someone should start that.
I could be interested in some Makani residual items - Ya never know… I’m in Southern California, near Los Angeles. The M-600 would fit in my garage, with plenty of room left over. No I am not kidding. This is a wind-powered facility, BTW.
Where is all the stuff located? Alameda, near San Francisco? Is there a list? Pictures?
Thanks :slight_smile: - Doug Selsam
Place an @ sign between my first and last names, add a dot-com (.com) at the end, and that is my e-mail address, if you would like to send more specific information.

I dont know what github is but I will look it up and try help. Ill keep your contact.

Windy skies and Pierre. Appreciate the info. I will definitely follow that path. Thank you!

rodread hi we don’t have any of the manufacturing machinery. But figured that it was a very specific type of item applicable to a small amount of people I guess. Thanks for the link to that thread looking through it. Mahalo

dough hi i dont have a list just pictures. Not labeled. The equipment is located in hawaii. What is the name of your company? I will email you. Thanks for responding.

Hi Howit
Wow, Hawaii. I have a friend who services the big turbines over there.
I’ve been operating under the names Selsam Innovations and U.S. Windlabs
If you have the time, please e-mail me some pics. will also work (using my name).
Maybe your internet connection gives you a free website where you could post some pics. Or tell us in words some general idea of what is there - a few categories, or maybe a few example items? How much stuff do you have?


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Well, I have a friend in Hawaii who repairs the big turbines. I could see if he is interested in any of the Makani debris, but you would have to send some pics or give some info - no way for people to guess what you have! :slight_smile:
My name is Doug Selsam
My email is just my first name @ my last name dot com.

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