Oliver Tulloch - Development of Safe and Efficient Operation for an Airborne Wind Energy (AWE) System - A Rotary Design Second Year Review

Tulloch, 2nd Year Review, Report.pdf (9.9 MB)

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Didn’t know you covered such a large variety of designs. Hard to discriminate. Alsmost every design can be regarded as rotary.

OliverT is doing valuable work filling a gap in AWES research concerning torque transmission in the style of Harburg, Read, and Beaupoil. It would be nice to see power-to-weight comparison with other transmission methods and between soft and rigid wings.

We generally distinguish rotary AWES by rotary WECS (turbine, looping-kite) and/or rotary transmission (shaft, string-and-spar), and/or rotary base (carousel, circle track). Specific rotation basis is clear in context.

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Wind energy convertion system