Open-source Höhenwindkraftwerk (Drachen) in Freecad - FreeCAD Forum (open-source airborne wind energy project in freecad)

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Reminds me of a paper I was reading last night

The idea being not to use the brake lines on a cargo parafoil guided delivery system
Yeah, makes it look like AWES should just drop out of the sky working already
Although for some primary school kids… That is what happens

Some kids get the ideas involved in AWES straight away.

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Seems like a diversion - changing the subject. Fluff. At some point, either you have an economical energy solution or you don’t.

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He starts off with just drawing things in the CAD program but after page 40 or so also does some modest testing. Not enough though. He reminds me of every beginning inventor too in love with his idea and drawing it in CAD to test if it actually works. He does seem to accept feedback and new information so if he doesn’t give up he may get somewhere in a number of years. He has made some progress already, with the help of the other forum participants.

The most obvious problems with the design to me are, I think he assumes the wind has a fixed 1Hz frequency of gusts and lulls, even at height… and he seems to want to use a 7 kilometer rope to lift a weight 1.3 meters 60 times a minute.

Some links and quotes from the thread:

Chassis Design of a Control Pod for a Kite Power System
Master Thesis Report at SkySails GmbH, Hamburg for Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm.

New to me, and looks more promising to me, Horst Bendix:
New inland wind turbine opens up the high winds - Onshore wind energy urgently needs innovations that multiply the annual energy yield per plant and location. A contribution by Horst Bendix.

Thanks for the attention. What I did not find here is that there is a working small test system:


Good to see someone actually putting effort into testing a solution @thomas_neemann
Well done.