Outdoor advertising - market and competitor analysis

For a similar analysis that focuses on the market for and competitors in electricity production, see: Competitor analysis on electricity providers and products for consumers and small and medium sized businesses

Airborne wind energy systems might be a way for businesses to do outdoor advertising. What is the current market for outdoor advertising, what players are active in that field, and who do they market to?

End result of this analysis might be a table of places where outdoor advertising might make sense, and what players and products are active/used in the field, with weighted scores on several criteria.

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I think there are probably other communities where there is more knowledge on this subject. What might some of those be?

To make a useful analysis, I think you would need to do it for each country you are interested in, but perhaps this might be a useful start. It also might be just more distraction, as it would be better to just start talking to potential customers right away, as there’s no quicker way to learn than that.

We might need tables, here’s how to make them: https://meta.discourse.org/t/create-a-table-using-markdown-on-your-discourse-forum/66544

column 1 column 2 column 3 column 4 column 5

First questions I would have:

What are all the places that you can safely launch a kite and what are businesses that might be close by? (Google Maps)

What are businesses that don’t have a fixed location and might like to use outdoor advertising?

A lighted kite might make a very noticeable thing in the night sky, what locations and businesses might make sense for that?

What is the current market for outdoor advertising?

What are the characteristics of the different outdoor advertising options, including a potential AWES? Does the AWES need constant or regular supervision?

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