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Whenever I hear an American accent describe fluid energy systems
I’m like… How can a turban :man_with_turban: do that?



We love the Turbans here i Norway. Am I the only one getting the Norwegian wikipedia article?

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Funny guys. Wow it’s always back to the first day in wind energy 101 here, eh? Could we please hear a turbine/turban joke again? Were they ever funny? Turn… Turd… Turbulence… Turgid… Turmoil…
Ever notice how Brits don’t pronounce an R at the end of a word unless there is no R, then they add one? We have special speech classes here for leaving out the R. Adding one - well some cities back East tend to do that occasionally.
Guys please just don’t nitpick the rest of us for being “off-topic”, irreverent, poking fun at people, simply having fun, violating whatever the “rules” seem to be at any given moment depending on your mood, or rambling, idle musings, etc., K? Remember, “this is supposed to be a technical discussion”, (sweat drops flying out from head) right? No having fun, or you’ll be sent to the central office where the headmaster has a spanking machine. Thank you. We now return to our regularly-scheduled program… :slight_smile:


I just scrolled for a picture I liked … happened to be the Norwegian one.

Fair point Doug, I’ll go get sensibler argain

Just to clarify, this is a different dude than the “Peter Sharp” (inventor of the Sharp Rotor) we’re used to chatting with. Haven’t heard from Peter lately - I wonder what’s up with him these days?
BTW I think CFD software is great, but you don’t necessarily need it to do what we do, any more than a plumber needs it to properly connect pipes, or any more than you need to do a kinetics analysis to turn a wrench. (spanner). The term “Paralysis by analysis” comes to mind. Just sayin’…
Does a tennis star need to major in engineering to use his body properly?
Does a guitarist need a degree in mechanical engineering, with an emphasis on harmonics, vibration, and Fourier analysis, to coax the strings into producing beautiful music?

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I have a hang-glider pilot friend who often laments the lack of roll control available through weight-shift-initiated turning. The glider does add some extra roll through its geometry, but he says he wants the kind of aerobatic abilities of a stunt-plane. Says he wants to do barrel-rolls. After more than 40 years of flying hang gliders, this former legend is so frustrated by the lack of control that he stopped even flying. Says glider technology stopped evolving in the 1980’s, and he feels that a major problem is the more expensive “high-performance” gliders only target competitions where glide-ratio counts more than maneuverability. Funny, high-performance gliders have lower maneuverability and are harder to turn than beginner gliders, but they have “legs”, meaning they can glide much further at the expense of easy maneuvering. That is why beginners are cautioned to not try to fly a high-performance glider. Reminds me of my downhill racing skis, long and stiff, harder to turn. I had a well-regarded slalom racer switch skis with me and he quickly wanted to switch back saying “I can’t turn these things!” Good, I said, cuz your skis feel like bedroom slippers to me! How can you stand these things?" I am so used to Downhill and Super-G skis that they turn very easy for me, are fantastic over jumps, and when everyone else is complaining about ice, I am still getting my edges to cut in just fine. Like hang-glider wings, skis have “camber” and the high-performance models are long, narrow, stiff, and “hard to turn”. Right now it is snowing up there!


Not every plumber is linking 1 domestic pipe to another all day. That said - some ex-oilrig workers I wouldn’t trust at home.
CFD has a very definite place in high performance systems design in plumbing, tennis, music … anywhere with enough cash to warrant a performance gain from fluid interaction studies.
Yep some parts of AWES design can be a bit more scissors, string & glue, cut and paste … Practical skills always remain but get more complex as design performance evolves. But beyond conceptual design or small scale modelling and building - changes have to be justified

OK so my posts are being sent to this invisible place?
This is wrong.
I’m convinced there is a syndrome that people who want to moderate airborne wind energy discussions, or maybe online discussions in general, are brain-damaged in some way.
As though there is nothing to what I said.
As though Makani’s promises were kept and their rig ran fine.
I would say that this is one more case of persecuting someone who simply tells the truth, as Galileo was persecuted for saying the Earth orbits the sun. Of course today, “everyone” agrees that Galileo was right and puttiing him under house arrest because the astronomers of the day declared the heliocentric reality as preposterous was in error.

But we humans never seem to learn our lessons. Nope, visionaries clearly ahead of their time must be silenced.
Wubbo - famous for “laddermill” until it came out I had invented it as a kid, then moved on to design, patent, build, and run an airborne SuperTurbine™ that was the centerfold Invention of the Year in Popular Science June 2008, putting airborne wind energy on the popular map. Me: Designing and manufacturing wind energy devices that run trouble-free for years.
The rest: Spending a billion dollars for nothing. Silencing any simple truth.
Great - maybe you don’t deserve to know the truth about anything.
Have fun running one more dishonest excuse for an open forum, kids.

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It did seem strict to me too but … was it relevant to the old topic… meh loosely … was it as important as the heliocentric view dispute… no…
Is there a link showing the conversation that was removed to here … yes
If anyone wants to know what it was … they’ll find it
House arrest… You’re out on the slopes every day…

This has no place on this forum.

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Wow I just saw this thread. What I was protesting against was the gleeful newbie-esque latching onto the cult-like enforced ignorance of Dave Santos in the previous forum, characterizing any patent he didn’t like as “blocking patents” (rather than enabling patents). The subtle insertion of inappropriate words into every statement to mischaracterize reality was disturbing. The idea of finding “reasons” to shut out dissenting (normal) thoughts was absurd and exasperating. Wideswept and exasperating. The idea there was to promote nonsense, then censor anyone who stood up for “normal”. It;s like teenagers throwing rocks through somebody;s window and claiming the person deserves it because they have a job, while the kids are unemployed and unable to fathom having a job, cuz it would be a bother, so anyone with a job is “bad”. Totally unproductive. The funny thing is, I’ve come to believe it’s a personality-type. YOu can see the same dynamic over all social media these days - agree with the founders or be eliminated - no dissenting voices, (no normal thought) allowed. These forums are clearly started to give the founders/promoters a “voice”, with the convenient ability to simple delete or censor any other voice. If one did not start such a forum, the next best thing is to get named as a “moderator”, to perpetuate the same basic result: silence any voice besides one’s own. It is a tactic to avoid open discussion, which is the opposite of a “forum”. Sure, just delete other peoples’ posts! No problem. Maybe they should give a prize for silencing anyone who has a clue about anything. I’d say the honest thing might have been to explain why after years of gang-nitpicking patentholders, you realized you were wrong, or something. Hey, the patent system is not the answer to everything and it has its bad points. Some explanation rather than just getting named “moderator” and deleting any discussion of it - what the heck is that, like a little kid kicking other kids out of his yard cuz they won a game, or what? Do you think your progress is related to “moderating” (silencing) the thoughts of others on these forums? Many inventors decide to just press on and produce quality products without participating in the patent system, which I also agree with. It is just the system that is in place. To participate or not is an individual decision. I’ll tell you, this kind of discussion makes me think it is a complete waste of time to participate in such “forums”. Real wind energy discussion groups do not have these problems. I had mistakenly believed it was due to just a couple of problematic people before, but I now realize it is a widespread syndrome.

@dougselsam, moved to the appropriate topic.

Oh I read and didn’t know what post you were referring to @dougselsam
Yes I was a green newbie and definitely influenced a bit by the freedom of the net and society thinking.
But I don’t see it as anything like throwing stones.
My latest sponsor is an rather enormous oil interest who knows my business is to destroy their core interest and they are happy to help me. Weird eh? Actually sensible. Change hurts but we all gotta grow

The reference was indicated on the initial Doug’s comment but is gone now …

The deletion of this comment proves Doug right.

One must be able to approve or disapprove of what is said, instead of constantly wanting to “moderate”. But since the fashion here is moderation we could delete a lot of comments, comprising those unrelated to AWE, such as those suggesting structures from biomimicry; well maybe with a little luck we will be able to cultivate AWES in his garden …, or the comments insisting on the requirement to know the cost of the space used whereas this one is in first considered in terms of density, what is understood by those interested in the energy field…

But after all it may be that an AWE forum turns into a forum of moderators via the culture of between oneself, from those who decide what is good or not to publish, on supposedly objective criteria but in fact reflecting prejudices that are not admitted as such.

“Do what I say, not what I do”: this is a moderate motto.

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OK so I get this cryptic email saying my post was “hidden” due to being “off-topic”. Translation: I’m not drinking the Kool-Aid.
The email says I can edit the “hidden” post and possibly bring it into compliance with the only allowed opinion - the naive viewpoint of the Kool-Aid drinkers and promoters.
Only thing is, every time this happens, I do not find the links in the email actually lead to my deleted (“hidden”?) post, nor do the links offer a way to modify the post to agree with the Kool-Aid drinkers.
Annoyingly and seemingly unfairly, there is also no way to know who deleted my message, no way to ask anyone about how to modify the message - nothing. Seems like the whole situation is being misrepresented, with the offered “solution” not being actually available.
Meanwhile I have news for the Kool-Aid drinkers:
After 13 Years of hype, one more paper pretending to have the answer to the first, most basic question ever asked in AWE: “flygen? groundgen?” is not going to get anyone anywhere. I’d say if people are still stuck at, and mystified by, such basic questions, while pretending to have broad answers that carry any meaning, give it up.

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This takes us back to the very beginning of the current AWE hype cycle. Feels like we’re back the year 2009, where the big buzz was: “Flygen? Groundgen?”…
High-level thinking? - pseudo-intellectual beard-stroking?
Stay tuned for our next exciting episode, where we explore the pressing issue of: “low-level jets”, “nocturnal jets”…
“Is there really wind up there?”

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Off topic.

You can ask in this topic. Chances are it will be me, as it was in this case.

I’ve explained my reasoning enough times now that I’m not going to keep repeating it. You can guess at it. If you can’t or need a reminder, here’s the previous topic: Questions and complaints about moderation + unlisted, mostly unmoderated, free discussion

Windy you are the one who has to “guess” at everything. Like the people running the last forum, you are resistant to factual content. I can pretty-much guarantee that closed-minded wannabe-know-it-alls like you will never achieve anything whatsoever in the field of AWE.

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