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Discourse does however.

Write this $ LaTex $ to get this LaTex .

I’ve said this before, this is what we see. You can’t paste images from your email.

I guess that as soon as the format issues have been resolved by putting LaTex code between two $, @AweEnthusiast John’s two posts on AI will return to the top of their respective topics with comment(s), where they were, having no reason more to be on Slow Chat…

Indeed, it is only a matter of $.

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GPT-4 Khan Academy In Depth Demo

Let’s focus on the first topic. It has multiple obvious issues that anyone should be able to notice. Can you explain to the reader what the most important ones are?

Writing for an audience you have to extend courtesies to make your text more easily digestible and the statements in it verifiable. Too many of them were not extended here to let the topic stay as it was. They can try again, within reason.

GPT 4: Full Breakdown (14 Crazy Details You May Have Missed) - Last One is Extra Wild



There somewhere like this where I live? About 100 track miles of of former London and southwestern railway track? It forms part of the castleman corkscrew? It could connect to Christchurch, brockenhurst, sailisbury, Poole, and the old Somerset and Dorset line? Vai Wimborne. I had asked a Mp if we could rebuild it? There are a few major obstacles? However not impossible to overcome with the right know how? I’m also aware of an update to the atmospheric railway

That could be totally green energy?
I suggest having the castle man corkscrew as a test bed for green railway technology? Ive walked parts of the old track bed. There is room to add extra stops? Moors valley and ferndown industrial estate? Even west moors, three legged cross? On the sailisbury spur? I wanted it for the railway preservation front? But had a mind for some way to run green energy locomotives? Sir Christopher Chope mp. I bet there are many potential site globally that could be brought into service?
@Windy_Skies chatGTP seams to think like I do? Funnily enough?
I haven’t the resources myself but with the right investors? The uk can have a test bed or two? @Rodread might be a few places up near you? If I remember my railway history right? Pretty sure there a old whiskey line that could be used? Kite powered railways? A very neat idea? Just get past the planners will be tricky? Hijack something remote and it might work?
There one railway that needs saving it doon valley? Due to the landowner selling? £25000 needed? But you might be able to wangle a deal? That service a few purposes?

So yes. There are options? Even old dock lines? Kite boarder kites would spice things up? Especially with direct transfer of electricity? It almost a dream come true? Just depends what your looking for?

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Closely related but not exactly the same thing-

Lattice waves travel along the kite train line.
Metachronal waves travel along the kite train tails.

(56) 50 Kite Train - but not for long! - YouTube